Gut friendly raw date granola

Recipe Gallery Share the Love Recipe 0 Prep Time 0 Cook Time Serves 4 4 – 6 People Difficulty  0 Beginner Ingredients 1 cup Medjool dates or brown dates with the pit removed (soaked a bit in hot water to soften)  can be subbed with soft apricots, prunes, or figs. 1/4 cup goji berries or 1 tbsp nut butter of choice (sub with seeds butter if allergic) 1/3 gluten-free rolled oats or regular rolled oats 1/2 shredded coconut 1/2 cup buckwheat groats 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 tbsp flax seeds pinch of salt cinnamon Method Here you can play a bit with flavor and toast the oats, coconut, and buckwheat beforehand. Place all of the ingredients in a high-speed blender or food processor and blend until they come together. (be aware this is quite tough to blend, so don’t burn out your blender) Place in a jar and keep in a cool place or in your fridge for toppings to smoothies, oats and as a healthy snack! Photo Gallery Hope you love this delicious and wholesome recipe!! M*

Chocolate caramel pancakes

Chocolate caramel pancakes is the only way to do the weekend right! Finally the brunch spots has started to open up again and even though you get to make the perfect pancakes at home with this recipe, i can’ wait to get out! Pancakes has been part of our confinement routine and i’d like to keep this routine going, because life without pancakes certainly seems pretty dull!

Two ingredient granola tarts

Two ingredient granola tarts are what’s on my breakfast table this mothers day. Since I will be celebrating Mothers day with my two boys, these cute little tarts will go down pretty well. If I say so myself. What makes these tarts so special is the fact they are made with just dates and Simply granola’s let’s get figgy granola.

Ultimate vegan rusks

The ultimate vegan rusks are just my absolute favorite rusk recipe that I had to share. Rusks is a very well known breakfast must have in South Africa. Our parents and their parents grew up knowing this dried sweet bread as a meal that can’t go without. Till today my husband and I enjoy rusks with our breakfast and shares a few bites here and there with our son. There is few that comes close to a good nostalgic rusk!

Blueberry pear crumble

Blueberry pear crumble is a comfy alternative to my usual green smoothie lately. Since spring is nowhere to be seen and Castres is dreary and rainy like usual. I need a pick me up because I just can’t take this rain anymore. This blueberry pear crumble is just so yum, because first of all, it has creamy almond butter in, alongside with sweet pear and tangy blueberry. Absolutely yum!

Malva pudding pancakes

Malva pudding pancakes are LIFE! Gimme pancakes any day, but oh Malva Pudding pancakes are just absolutely amazing! These pancakes are made out of a South African dessert that all South Africans and others that have had the privilege to taste, adore! It’s like caramel, moist, can’t stop eating amazing.