Chocolate caramel pancakes

Chocolate caramel pancakes is the only way to do the weekend right! Finally the brunch spots has started to open up again and even though you get to make the perfect pancakes at home with this recipe, i can' wait to get out! Pancakes has been part of our confinement routine and i'd like to keep this routine going, because life without pancakes certainly seems pretty dull!
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Chai spiced apple muffins

Chai spiced apple muffins are the ultimate cozy fall morning treat, they are light, fluffy, and freeze really well, which means you can have them whenever you like!
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Sweet potato spinach muffins

Sweet potato spinach muffins are my ultimate savory muffins to date, since visiting Dublin last November, I've had the best pumpkin scones and I've tried to recreate them so many times. I have to say that these muffins come very close to those wonderful scones I've tasted. They are light, yet dense in a way. Perfectly risen and so flavorful.
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Salted caramel granola

Salted caramel granola is yet another spectacular salted caramel recipe and the best part might be the fact that you can eat this for breakfast or just munch on it all day long... now that sounds like something I could get used to. 

Cinnamon banana oat pancakes

Cinnamon banana oat pancakes are so ridiculously easy and so deliciously good. I don't know anyone who doesn't love pancakes and since we've been in lockdown I've started to love them even more. I mean, every morning was brunch for us and pancakes were on rotation. No complaints at all when we made a batch of these! 
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Salted chocolate oat bars

Salted chocolate oat bars are Legit lekker way to start the day. These secretly wholesome bars, not only look delectable but they are good for you in every way. Low GI carbs, good fats, and that hint of chocolaty goodness. Exited to wake up to breakfast? Heck yes, I am...
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Coconut crusted banana french toast

Coconut crusted banana french toast is everything I want for breakfast right now. It's crispy and so utterly delicious with a hint of banana bread flavor. It really is the perfect best friend for your weekend of any day breakfast situation. I mean french toast just has to make the day better, right? Don't know about you, but I need all of the good breakfast vibes I can get.

Almond lover granola

Almond lover granola is another batch of deliciousness to start your morning with. I love granola, to snack on, to top on to smoothies and add on to oats for some extra crunch. This batch of granola is particularly good because it has minimal ingredients and tastes delicious. It will be your new favorite way to start the day or something just to snack on all day long...
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Bran buttermilk vegan rusks

Bran buttermilk rusks are simply the perfect addition to my morning routine. They are so tasty, loaded with seeds, jumbo raisins and 100% plant-based. Hard to believe that these sweet dried slices of bread are so good, I made a batch for when the baby has arrived to keep me preoccupied for the couple weeks to come. 
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Two ingredient granola tarts

Two ingredient granola tarts are what's on my breakfast table this mothers day. Since I will be celebrating Mothers day with my two boys, these cute little tarts will go down pretty well. If I say so myself. What makes these tarts so special is the fact they are made with just dates and Simply granola's let's get figgy granola.