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Vegan Boerewors

Vegan Boerewors is one of my recipes that I wanted to check off my to-make list. So in my family you're not South African if you don't know what Boerewors is! It's part off our BBQ rotation that is, it's a quick and easy lunch squished as a Boerewors roll with lots off tomato relish on top. Yes, I know the vegan version might not come close to the original, but for the herbivores out these it's certainly worth the make!
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Blueberry macadamia biscuits

Blueberry macadamia biscuits are a special treat, when stress baking kicks in, you'll be at ease to know that you can whip up some buttery biscuits in no time at all. These biscuits are so very versatile, you can add your own little twist and flavour combination. Whatever the mood calls for!
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Blueberry lemon cheesecake

Blueberry lemon cheesecake is such a healthy and delicious surprise. It's creamy with a slight tang of the lemon. This dessert might be the perfect easter cake to make this year!
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Watermelon strawberry avocado salad

Watermelon strawberry avocado salad is one of those salads that makes you eat all the bread just to get out those good bits, and by good I mean every single taste combination of this salad. It's such a burst of summer in every single bite.
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Vanilla iced coffee

Vanilla iced coffee is what I crave on a summer's morning. It's a caffeine pick me up, something sweet and uber creamy. It's indulgently my right as a mom, waking up whee hours of the morning, craving something filling and that will give me that ultimate boost when I wake up or as an afternoon pick me up.
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Creme brûlée Milk tart

Creme brûlée milk tart is not only the best kinda tart to make this weekend or every weekend from now on. I love Milktart, it's one of my all-time favorite desserts from South Africa and I combined it with one of my favorite french desserts creme brûlée. Finding a healthy Milktart is not so easy, making one certainly is and oh how amazing every creamy bite is with the ultimate crispy sugary topping.
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Greek loaded quinoa salad

Greek loaded quinoa salad is the perfect easy lunch or nutrition loaded side dish. Filled with kalamata olives, creamy avocado, plump beluga lentils, and quinoa. It's a protein-packed meal that even the carnivores will love. So refreshing and tasty!
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Crispy Mashed potato waffles

Crispy mashed potato waffles are the alternative savory brunch or quick lunch idea you've been looking for. Made with cheesy mashed potatoes, and topped with creamy paprika smoked white beans, fresh avocado, spring onion, and toasted sesame seeds. SO DELICIOUS!
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Chocolate chip sweet potato bread

Chocolate chip sweet potato bread is a bit unconventional than the good old classic banana bread recipe, but this loaf is so surprisingly delicious, dare I say it's even better than banana bread. It's fluffy, sweet, and light. Perfect for breakfast or as a snack!
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Decadent raspberry cupcakes

Decadent raspberry cupcakes are a must make, even if you're not celebrating anything particular and you just need a little pick me up, then these cupcakes are perfect. We are celebrating mothers day this weekend in South Africa and I thought these cupcakes would be the perfect way to celebrate. Chocolate and olive oil are the ultimate pair with the beautiful tangy raspberry frosting.