Eggplant lasagne

Eggplant lasagne is a dish that's a bit on the lighter side of the traditional one that we all know and love, but certainly fills the gaps of comfort, nutrition, and protein. I have made this dish with just plants and it's certainly one of my very favorite main plant-based dishes thus far.
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Summer vegetable curry

Summer vegetable curry is the perfect dish when you're looking for something hearty yet satisfying. It's loaded with summer vegetables, creamy coconutty sauce with hints of curry powder, toasted cashews, and served with sweet potato flatbreads.
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Butter bean quinoa stuffed peppers

Butter beans quinoa stuffed peppers are the perfect mid-week meal. Stuffing vegetables are so easy to make and also easy to prep, leaving you with a bunch of leftovers for days to come. Cook them up with an array of other easy ingredients like potatoes, hummus, sliced vegetables and you've got a proper feast on your hands!
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Sweet potato miso soup

Sweet potato miso soup is such an easy and uber delicious soup recipe, I have made this soup probably too often. It comes together under half an hour and tastes so creamy with the sweet tang of the white miso paste and the perfect crunchy hints of the coconut bacon.
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Vegetable pot pie

Vegetable pot pie with chive biscuits is the ultimate one-pot dish. It's so comforting and super filling, two of my favorite things when you need the best of both worlds. The crispy chive biscuits ontop elevate this dish to another level if you'd rather like something simple go for flakes puff pastry biscuits instead, but I vouch for the homemade route!
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Creamy lemon asparagus pasta

Creamy lemon asparagus pasta is a tasty and easy dish for these days where you're probably cooking a much more than usual. It's tangy, creamy, and super filling. Perfect with a side of vino, toasted bread, and good company.
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Crispy Mashed potato waffles

Crispy mashed potato waffles are the alternative savory brunch or quick lunch idea you've been looking for. Made with cheesy mashed potatoes, and topped with creamy paprika smoked white beans, fresh avocado, spring onion, and toasted sesame seeds. SO DELICIOUS!

Caesar baked potato wedges

Caesar baked potato wedges are a scrumptious way to satisfy those carbs cravings without a lot of effort. If you love potatoes and are using them daily these days then this recipe is for you. Super easy, crispy, and drenched in Ceasar salad dressing...
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Spicy beans on samp

Spicy beans on samp are the ultimate comfort food for me right now. Samp is such a needed item in every South African household. I recently started to use it more often for side dishes to a braai. I even paired it with a tangy tomato sauce to accompany this hearty starchy meal as part of a plant-based dinner or light lunch. What's even more wonderful about this dish is that you can make a huge batch for a big crowd or even for your week meal prep. 
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Chutney cauliflower popcorn bowls

Date night cauliflower popcorn bowls are the perfect easy meal to impress or just to have a good time with your pals on Valentine's day. These beautiful flavorful bowls are loaded with flavor, texture, spice, now if that's not needed on valentine's then I don't know what is! I just love cauliflower because it gives so much oomf to a plant-based meal, and particularly baked to crispy perfection like these beauties right here.