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Tangy Lentil pumpkin Bobotie

Tangy Lentil pumpkin Bobotie is a must-make recipe for veggie lovers and meat-lover alike. This recipe is one that I have been making so many times over the couple of years that I have lost count. Normally it's made with meat, but in this case, I added brown lentils that work even better, because it makes it super starchy and a plant-based protein powerhouse meal to boot.
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What I ate today plant based pregnancy

What I ate today plant-based pregnancy is just a low down on my regular meals these past weeks. Even though it varies day to day, I try to stick to the basics which are plant-based protein, lots of veggies, fats and low GI carbs in every meal. I am craving fruit, smoothies and chopped salads with this pregnancy whereas with my first pregnancy I was craving salty treats like there was no tomorrow.
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Lentil Bobotie sausage rolls

Lentil bobotie sausage rolls are a must on your festive table. These scrumptious little pies are so tasty and will even appease the meat-eaters out there. Lentil bobotie is a staple in our household and I can even dare to say so myself this recipe is one for the books to make over and over again. The festive season can be very stressful and work some, so sometimes it's nice to make some ahead of time.