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Beet mushroom ravioli

Beet mushroom ravioli is a trying yet super rewarding dish! This dish is so delicious, filled with a creamy mushroom filling. Fried crispy, topped with flavourful thyme butter. Fry, drizzle, slice top with more butter and enjoy! YUM!
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Bulgar wheat Mushroom meatballs

Bulgar wheat Mushroom meatballs are the perfect vegan main to make this festive season, reasons? They are so easy to make, deliciously flavourful and super healthy! 
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Festive cookie box

Festive cookie box is the amplified version of all my favourite festive vegan cookies all in one bowl. You've got sweet, crunchy, chewy and tangy. Perfect in every way. Just as cookies aught to be, right?
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Espresso french toast

Espresso french toast is the best of both worlds I tell you. Nothing beats a good slice of bread fried to perfection, drenched in cream and maple syrup. It's a slice of heaven with an extra shot of happiness to kick off your day!
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Roasted harissa maple pumpkin

Roasted harissa maple pumpkin is served on a creamy tangy cashew yogurt dip. It's the season to be merry and this dish is a certified way to celebrate generously with your loved ones. The pumpkin is spicy yet sweet, alongside crispy roasted pumpkin seeds, pomegranate jewels, and toasted bread crumbs. 
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Beet risotto

Beet risotto, this super simple and super delicious dish comes together in no time at all. The sweet notes of the beets are so delicious in this comforting dish, it's perfect for a cozy evening in. 
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Festive spiced chocolate chip cookies

Festive spiced chocolate chip cookies are part of my baking itinerary this festive season. How quickly and super long this year has felt. It feels pretty weird making my first batch of festive treats, I just blinked and it's December again. Chocolate chip is a favorite for so many households. Who doesn't love chocolate or desserts? These are spiced with ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Bringing some Christmas cheer to a very different Christmas that's for sure!
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Malva pudding Brioche donuts

Malva pudding Brioche donuts, yep there is such a thing as heaven in every bite and these fluffy clouds of goodness do not only combine the two cultures that I have been delved in but also express the memories of tastes that I just can't seem to shake. I love Brioche, because it's soft and light, and then again I love malva pudding that is more sticky and dense. These two are rolled in to one, and gosh it's just yum. 
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Hot chocolate croissant french toast bake

Hot chocolate croissant french toast bake, let's be honest here, there is just simply no competition when it comes to croissants...they are flakey, buttery and uber delicious bakes in a "hot chocolate" custard. This hot chocolate croissant french toast bake is undeniably the must make brunch dish you've been looking for.
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Chocolate Mousse cake

Chocolate Mousse cake might be my down fall, when it comes to cake I'm not such a big fan, I like baked puddings, chocolate mousse, pavlovas you name it, anything other than a cake is more appetizing, but this cake has me turning a new leaf...