Vegan koeksisters

Vegan koeksisters are an absolute legendary dessert in South Africa. They're rich, syrup-filled, and, absolutely addicting. They're certainly not the healthiest desserts out there, but there are days when they're just a priority. Make a batch freeze the rest, you will be very grateful to find your stach hidden behind the frozen peas.

Coffee glazed donuts

Coffee glazed donuts are the perfect weekend pick me up, coffee and dessert on the go are what I am talking about. Something about caffeinated desserts that just makes me happy, and for any coffee lover I would say the same!
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Peanut butter swirl brownies

Peanut butter swirl brownies are my absolute favorite brownies to date...chewy chocolaty peanutty brownies that go well with ice cream whipped cream or just plain on their fabulous own selves! Everything a girl needs for the munchies over the weekend and that probably makes every day weekend for me...
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Blueberry ripple ice cream

Blueberry ripple ice cream is the perfect tangy and yet addictive way to cool down this summer or if you need a treat then this recipe is for you. It's been crazy busy and hot these past few weeks and a bowl of this ice cream seems to cure all of my worries. It's tangy, smooth, and soothing, everything that I need my ice cream to be these days.

Baked blueberry ginger cheesecake

Baked blueberry ginger cheesecake is one of my ultimate favorite recipes... just because CHEESECAKE firstly and secondly it's is one of my all-time desserts and the blueberry ginger combo is out of this world!

Rosewater berry pie

RosRosewater blueberry pie might be the start of a new love affair... It's the combination of all things comfort, jammy, and heartwarming. I am such a baked dessert kind of gal, and pies are right up my ally especially served with a big scoop of ice cream on top...
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Cookie dough tart

Cookie dough tart, yep this one is a goodie and I'm not talking about eating peanut butter out of the jar kind of good, I'm talking about eating raw cookie dough, creamy cashew filling plus the creamiest chocolate ganache you've ever tasted. I might call this tart something else, but for sensitive readers, it will remain the cookie dough tart!
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Cake batter hummus

Cake batter hummus is my new favorite dip lately, I mean who doesn't like cake and eating it as a spread...Might not the conventional way to make hummus, but in this case, I'm totally OKAY with being wrong!

Salted caramel mousse pots

Salted caramel mousse pots are my ultimate treat right now, and the best part is not only the caramel but the fact that they are made with dates, sweet potato, coconut milk, and the cherry on top, salted caramel popcorn. Can I just say it again, living plant-based is anything but boring!
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Chocolate chunk cookies

Chocolate chunk cookies are definitely what my week needs, I am such a cookie fanatic. I crumble it even on my oatmeal or smoothies in the morning, just because I know these guys are made of the good stuff. I mean a little bit of cookie early in the morning can do anyone some good! They are so crumbly, chocolaty chunks of heaven and might make you crumble on even the stranges food combinations, because they are just that good!