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Beet risotto

Beet risotto, this super simple and super delicious dish comes together in no time at all. The sweet notes of the beets are so delicious in this comforting dish, it's perfect for a cozy evening in. 
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Salted caramel granola

Salted caramel granola is yet another spectacular salted caramel recipe and the best part might be the fact that you can eat this for breakfast or just munch on it all day long... now that sounds like something I could get used to. 
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Chili lime coconut crusted tofu

Chili lime coconut-crusted tofu and baked plantains are such a must-do combo! To all the tofu naysayers, I say this recipe might just convert you to being a tofu lover! They are super crispy and tangy with the side of a spicy dipping sauce.
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Hertzoggie granola

Hertzoggie granola is a genius batch of granola I tell you. if you love all things coconutty, tangy and chewy then this batch is for YOU! I love granola, it's probably part of my top five things I prefer to eat on the daily, just because it adds that crunch, texture and a whole lot of flavor! This SA Inspired granola came from a very much loved cookie called Hertzoggies.
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Coconut crusted banana french toast

Coconut crusted banana french toast is everything I want for breakfast right now. It's crispy and so utterly delicious with a hint of banana bread flavor. It really is the perfect best friend for your weekend of any day breakfast situation. I mean french toast just has to make the day better, right? Don't know about you, but I need all of the good breakfast vibes I can get.
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Caramel peppermint chocolate tart

Caramel mint chocolate tart, helo 2020! This just feels wrong, am I the only one who cannot believe how fast 2019 has gone by, or was it the fact that I once again was asleep before 12 and was not up to celebrating. The party has kinda died since moving to France and becoming a mom, so I guess the best kind of way I can celebrate is with food, obviously! Kicking this year off with one of my absolute favorite SA desserts. Its a caramel and mint creamy dream mushed together with a crunchy coconut biscuit base.
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Apricot Crunchies (V)

Apricot crunchies are such an amazing recipe that reminds me so much of the original recipe. I used to love these oaty squares, hardly knowing how much butter and sugar were in them. So I wanted to make these since forever and I am so happy I did, these past weeks has been a teeny bit tough. These bars are lifesavers!
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Blueberry lemon crumble

Blueberry lemon crumble, is there anything more decadent. So good, especially served with a generous scoop of whipped coconut cream and ice cream. This is the season of blueberries, and I am loving every second of it. I have been wanting to make a crumble for a while now and I am so happy I did, especially blueberry and lemon. Plus it's vegan, low carb and so so good! I might even have it for breakfast, mind you.
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Vegan Hertzoggies

Vegan Hertzoggie is a very popular South African traditional recipe. It was always a dream of mine to recreate this recipe into a more "healthier" version, and even though there is still a decent amount of sugar in it. The vegan meringue and shortcrust base come pretty close to the original and all that sugar don't even matter with the first bite. Its international apricot day, I thought these cookies are the perfect recipe to share! These cookies are making me crave summer and home really badly. They were loved by my husband, our son and some of my friends (they had no clue they were vegan). 

Rainbow carrot butternut soup

Rainbow carrot butternut soup is super amazing and so nutritious. The season has come for warming soups and I absolutely love the fact that you can have a nutritional meal within half an hour or so. I made a batch of this lovely soup last week and I finished it in almost a day's time. I served this soup with a soft and chewy bread with a flavor punch, which was super amazing!