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Life in the USA

Life in the US is quite a different experience to what I have expected it to be. Thelma Life in the USA is quite a different experience to what I have experienced in France. Thelma Vermaas, rugby wife, South African, and mother of the cutest little girl you ever did see shares her story. Contrary to what you might think the "life" out to be. She shares so honestly her heart and feelings. I can certainly corroborate with her story. Come and read some more of her travels, becoming a mother and living in the USA.
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August inspiration

August Inspiration has left me with a bit of a sunburned skin and a will to aspire to do all things pretty and creative. Come and draw a bit of inspiration with the abundance of fruit and pretty inspiring products to buy for yourself.
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Starting your life France

Starting your life in France is just my summary of our four-year journey so far. If you're one of the lucky ones moving to France then this post is for you. The four-year mark of us moving here will be rolling around November and I certainly can't believe how fast it has gone and how much I have learned and am still learning. Come and read more about how to survive and actually live well in France as a foreigner.
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Sommerskos op die tafel met Marita van der Vyver

Om die tafel met Marita van der Vyver, is 'n droom onderhoud wat 'n werklikheid geword het vir my. Nie net is sy 'n ikoniese skrywer nie, maar sommer 'n bobaas kook ook. Somerkos in Provence is sowaar net 'n voorsmakie van die "creme de la creme" lewe van Marita van der Vyver in Frankryk. Ek het behoorlik gesmul toe ek deur haar Somerkos in Provence kosboek blaai en ek kon nie wag om elke resep te probeer nie.
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Gotta Love MOOO

Gotta love MOOO! If you've read my previous post about these phenomenal beautiful products then you're in for a treat. The founder, Estée van der Walt is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion for all things beautiful is certainly overflowing into her ever booming business. Here is her full story below and a added bonus of a new product launch...Plus 10% discount through my blog...

Healthy Lifestyle with Nutritional solutions

Healthy Lifestyle with Nutritional solutions. To keep a "regime" going whilst pregnant is quite a hassle, constant cravings or horrendous nausea can hinder your appetite quite a bit. Not to mention postnatal dieting is nonexistent for a couple of months. Grabbing literally anything to fill the gap in between changing nappies and feeding...This can be seriously difficult to get back to your prepregnancy weight. Luckily I did a personalized DNA testing to help me choose the right foods to keep extra kilos at bay, thanks to registered Dietitian Donna van Zyl. Located in the Freestate, Bloemfontein. Here is my experience from her expert advice and a nice recipe to try out at home.
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All wrapped up in MOOO

All wrapped up in MOOO has taken social media by storm. Not only have they gained copious amounts of followers within a short amount of time, but they have also won over the hearts of all the winter snuggles. Their products are sure not to leave you out in the cold. From a range of knitted products like blankets, rugs, and cushions, what is not to love? They color scheme is not too shabby either. Now, these products are locally produced by a Bloemfontein beauty, who found her inspiration on a farm in Luckhoff. Read more about their products here and stay tuned for the 10% discount.

Newbies in Frankryk

Newbies in Frankryk- Elke nuwe huwelik is vars en opwindend, maar neem jouself voor om die lewensfase te begin in 'n vreemde land waar jong getroudes selde gevind word. Jy voel soos 'n dryfende skip opsoek na land net om jouself te kan anker. Sommiges is meer voordelig as ander, maar dit is ook hoe jou lewensuitkyk op die nuwe avontuur is op die oueinde van die dag, wat gaan bepaal hoe jy elke dag gaan ervaar. Jou man is jou beste vriend en so te meer forseer omstandighede dat die band onbreekbaar word. Mia Sadie vertel vir ons biekie meer van haar ondervinding in Agen, Frankryk, as 'n newbie in die take van huisvrou wees.

Miilk-Proudly South African

Miilk- Proudly South African is a baby brand that has been started by two South African rugby wives who were looking for something extra to add to their daily lives of living abroad...How did they do it and what so they sell? Read more here
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Buche de Noël Mignon Reine

Buche de Noël Mignon Reine is a basic sponge cake rolled with a filling and then decorated as a fun activity. I would think that it should be one of the best ways to entertain your kids this festive season and teach them a thing or two about baking.