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Vegan Boerewors

Vegan Boerewors is one of my recipes that I wanted to check off my to-make list. So in my family you're not South African if you don't know what Boerewors is! It's part off our BBQ rotation that is, it's a quick and easy lunch squished as a Boerewors roll with lots off tomato relish on top. Yes, I know the vegan version might not come close to the original, but for the herbivores out these it's certainly worth the make!

Vegan koeksisters

Vegan koeksisters are an absolute legendary dessert in South Africa. They're rich, syrup-filled, and, absolutely addicting. They're certainly not the healthiest desserts out there, but there are days when they're just a priority. Make a batch freeze the rest, you will be very grateful to find your stach hidden behind the frozen peas.
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Milktart granola

Milktart granola is certainly the way I'd like to start my day, to all granola lovers out there, you got to make this! It's crunchy, nutty and a whole lot of cinnamon going on there, perfect for that yogurt bowl patiently waiting to be devoured.
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Milk tart rusks

Milk tart rusks are the ultimate take on the traditional SA dessert. If you're an absolute fan of rusks then you have to try these vegan rusks! They are so delicious and super easy to make. I have tried and tried different versions of vegan rusks and I have to say that these might be my favorite batch, even if I have said this in a previous post, please forgive me...
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Vegan potato salad

Vegan potato salad is the creamy nut-free, dairy-free, and oil-free alternative you've been looking for to make your braai or BBQ the bee's knees! Potato salad is probably one of the must-make recipes when hosting or attending a braai. Usually, it's full of egg, oil, and all kind of other "non" vegan things to eat, and yep reaching for that bland bowl of salad leaves for the second time is anything but appetizing. Well, now you've got something to bring and eat, that you know is all good!
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Hertzoggie granola

Hertzoggie granola is a genius batch of granola I tell you. if you love all things coconutty, tangy and chewy then this batch is for YOU! I love granola, it's probably part of my top five things I prefer to eat on the daily, just because it adds that crunch, texture and a whole lot of flavor! This SA Inspired granola came from a very much loved cookie called Hertzoggies.
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Creme brûlée Milk tart

Creme brûlée milk tart is not only the best kinda tart to make this weekend or every weekend from now on. I love Milktart, it's one of my all-time favorite desserts from South Africa and I combined it with one of my favorite french desserts creme brûlée. Finding a healthy Milktart is not so easy, making one certainly is and oh how amazing every creamy bite is with the ultimate crispy sugary topping.
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Spicy beans on samp

Spicy beans on samp are the ultimate comfort food for me right now. Samp is such a needed item in every South African household. I recently started to use it more often for side dishes to a braai. I even paired it with a tangy tomato sauce to accompany this hearty starchy meal as part of a plant-based dinner or light lunch. What's even more wonderful about this dish is that you can make a huge batch for a big crowd or even for your week meal prep. 
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Chutney cauliflower popcorn bowls

Date night cauliflower popcorn bowls are the perfect easy meal to impress or just to have a good time with your pals on Valentine's day. These beautiful flavorful bowls are loaded with flavor, texture, spice, now if that's not needed on valentine's then I don't know what is! I just love cauliflower because it gives so much oomf to a plant-based meal, and particularly baked to crispy perfection like these beauties right here.
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My Plant based pregnancy

My plant-based pregnancy has been such a journey and has proven that this way of eating works for me. yes, there have been hard times, just like any other pregnancy, but in this second pregnancy, I have felt a significant change and shift in how I felt as a whole.