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Festive cookie box

Festive cookie box is the amplified version of all my favourite festive vegan cookies all in one bowl. You've got sweet, crunchy, chewy and tangy. Perfect in every way. Just as cookies aught to be, right?
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Double chocolate cherry loaf

Double chocolate cherry loaf makes me feel like it's the weekend, even when it's a Tuesday. The days, this year, has been long. If you have kids, then this cake will come in handy for sure! it's decadent and still kind of healthy, so it's a YES right? Weekend plans, check!
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Salted caramel apple galette

Salted caramel apple tarte tatin is one of my favorite easy french desserts. My neighbour made it for use the other day and i really loved it, so I decided to give it a go and it was surprisingly easy and so so yum!
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Blueberry vegan macarons

Vegan blueberry macarons are on my must-have dessert list, I've tried and tested these a couple of times over the years and it looks like the charm is on for a third time. When I think of France and desserts, I can't help but think of macaroons. They are so delicate and crisp and perfect and even after the third try I still haven't mastered them (just like the language, among other things that have been difficult to understand over the years). pretty good third try I'm right, and still so suitable for Mother's Day around the corner!
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Dark chocolate ganache tart

Dark chocolate ganache tart will be you hump day lifesaver, lately everyday seems like a Sunday and that means cheat day my friends. Chocolate comes ever so handy these days and there is not a lot that compares to a good chocolate tart. This tart is made with 100% vegan ingredients and it's ready to eat in no time at all.
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Blueberry lemon cheesecake

Blueberry lemon cheesecake is such a healthy and delicious surprise. It's creamy with a slight tang of the lemon. This dessert might be the perfect easter cake to make this year!

Healthier vegan carrot cake

Healthier vegan carrot cake is such a sweet surprise. I love eating and baking desserts, I mean who doesn't right? I try to be as healthy as possible and that means, that I try to incorporate that into every meal that I eat and serve for my family. This cake is certainly one of my top cake recipes to date. It's light, sweet enough, and filling with all the good stuff.
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Cookie dough cream bars

Cookie dough cream bars are the perfect treat, it's raw, chocolaty, and super duper creamy! If you're a fan of cookie dough then my friend this recipe is for you, I have tried and tested so many cookie dough recipes and I have to say this one is a close favorite!

Vegan koeksisters

Vegan koeksisters are an absolute legendary dessert in South Africa. They're rich, syrup-filled, and, absolutely addicting. They're certainly not the healthiest desserts out there, but there are days when they're just a priority. Make a batch freeze the rest, you will be very grateful to find your stach hidden behind the frozen peas.
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Malva pudding Brioche donuts

Malva pudding Brioche donuts, yep there is such a thing as heaven in every bite and these fluffy clouds of goodness do not only combine the two cultures that I have been delved in but also express the memories of tastes that I just can't seem to shake. I love Brioche, because it's soft and light, and then again I love malva pudding that is more sticky and dense. These two are rolled in to one, and gosh it's just yum.