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Beet mushroom ravioli

Beet mushroom ravioli is a trying yet super rewarding dish! This dish is so delicious, filled with a creamy mushroom filling. Fried crispy, topped with flavourful thyme butter. Fry, drizzle, slice top with more butter and enjoy! YUM!
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Bulgar wheat Mushroom meatballs

Bulgar wheat Mushroom meatballs are the perfect vegan main to make this festive season, reasons? They are so easy to make, deliciously flavourful and super healthy! 
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Festive cookie box

Festive cookie box is the amplified version of all my favourite festive vegan cookies all in one bowl. You've got sweet, crunchy, chewy and tangy. Perfect in every way. Just as cookies aught to be, right?
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Malva pudding rusks

Malva pudding rusks can rusks get any more interesting, delicious or addictive? I guess so, this version like all of the others on my site is so delicious!! It's crunchy, healthy, Moorish, you name it. Everything a rusk should be. 
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Double chocolate cherry loaf

Double chocolate cherry loaf makes me feel like it's the weekend, even when it's a Tuesday. The days, this year, has been long. If you have kids, then this cake will come in handy for sure! it's decadent and still kind of healthy, so it's a YES right? Weekend plans, check!
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Basil Hummus

Basil hummus is such a great alternative to your regular hummus rotation. It's flavourful, goes with mostly any of your mains and tastes pretty good just on it's own. Surely, this hummus though will ne your next favorite thing. Winter or summer, this one is a winner!
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Mushroom bourguignon pasta

Mushroom bourguignon pasta is really one of those clean out the cubbourd recipes that hits the spot. We are on the move again and pasta are just one of those staples that you just can't get enough of! Surely, this recipe will be at the top of your go-to list.

Chocolate caramel pancakes

Chocolate caramel pancakes is the only way to do the weekend right! Finally the brunch spots has started to open up again and even though you get to make the perfect pancakes at home with this recipe, i can' wait to get out! Pancakes has been part of our confinement routine and i'd like to keep this routine going, because life without pancakes certainly seems pretty dull!
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Macadamia chocolate banana muffins

Macadamia chocolate banana muffins are probably the best kind of muffins around, they are so fluffy, easy to make and tastes delicious. Made with whole foods and minimal ingredients found in your kitchen, everyday nutricious baking made easy!
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Scalloped potato pesto bake

Scalloped potato pesto bake is such a delicious way to enjoy the basic old potato! It's drenched in a basic vegan white sauce, topped with a sourdough cashew topping and home made basil pesto. This might be the perfect side dish to a BBQ or if you're in the mood to indulge enjoy a whole bowl of this creamy deliciousness!