Beet matcha ice cream
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Beet matcha ice cream

Beet matcha ice cream is not only for the connoisseur or these of required tastes but for everyone who kind of is searching for a bit something extra to pizzaz up their day. I recently jumped on the beet bandwagon, and I might be a couple months too late no thanx to living in the countryside. Where things aren't as accessible when you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Finally, I found beet powder and it tastes super amazing, so sweet and has the most vibrant color!
Avocado hummus

Avocado sweet pea hummus

Avocado sweet pea hummus is just such a beautiful side dish to those fresh spring days and evenings. I love hummus and have been making a batch every week, depending on the mood I am in, depends what flavors I like to add. Some of my favorite ones have been soy honey, tangy sweet turmeric, roasted carrot and sundried tomato hummus.
Healthy dutch baby
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Spring dutch Baby

Spring dutch baby is a quick and easy lunch that I could whip up in a jiffy. I have to hungry men in my household, so I have to make sure that the meals I make are healthy, filling and fresh. Not that they don't know how healthy these meals actually are, I sneak a few key ingredients like feta to cream things up so they don't tell the difference.
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Dressed in Loraine Roux gives you a closer look of the fearlessly stylish brand of Loraine Roux, The LORAINEROUX Collection. One word comes to mind when I think about this woman - exceptional. Since I have known Loraine, she had done things with excellence. It is no wonder that this lady of valor has started her very own fashionable clothing brand. I am was so happy to see that she even extended her graces towards the breastfeeding mothers out there, because let's be honest, not a whole lot of fashion houses caters for this market. Not only are her breastfeeding dresses beautiful and stylish but timeless as well. Here is a closer look at her current range as well as her new spring range that was launched this past week.
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Hello May

Hello May is about my tips for all the new mommy's out there are, who feels like they need a checklist for traveling with a baby, here you go