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Zesty warm berry tapioca pudding

Zesty warm berry tapioca pudding is just a wonderful belly warmer in the mid of winter. Citrus fruit is in abundance right now, and I never really liked citrus fruit in cooking, but I have to say experimenting with the very vibrant fruit has been amazing. They go well in baked goods, salads, stir-fries and chocolate, and who doesn't like chocolate? Using the pulp to the zest of the skin adds just so much flavor to meals. Especially this creamy tapioca pudding, it's seriously sooo good!

Pomegranate lime fizz

Pomegranate lime fizz is the perfect way to celebrate the new year or new season that we are about to head into. I love the tang of this mocktail/cocktail, and I wish I was celebrating a couple of these with my friends and family, but once again I'll probably be asleep before 12. This is the season of our lives right now, and honestly, I'm okay with that!
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Za'atar sumac vegetable medley hummus

Za'atar sumac vegetable medley hummus is the perfect appetizer for your easter table this coming weekend. I absolutely love hummus and make a batch every week and I have to say after making so many versions this one has been one of my top favorites. It's deliciously creamy and served with super easy toasted whole wheat wraps!