Tomato chili jam Cauliflower steaks

Tomato chili jam cauliflower steaks are the equivalent of a super easy meal looking anything but easy to make. It's classy, tasty and the main secret is it only took thirty minutes to make. For anyone who needs some brownie points, this is the meal to make! Just add some vino, and you're ready to go.

Parsnip pumpkin soup sourdough pesto granola

Pumpkin parsnip soup pesto sourdough granola is all I need right now. Hello new week, and spring where have you gone once again? This soup, granola and the whole deal will go down pretty well right now!! This weekend has been super hectic, as all vacations are when kids are involved and a new country, new living arrangement and the weather acting up. So souping it up and adding a whole lot of crunch is sooo needed!

Golden carrot parsnip stew

Golden carrot parsnip stew is my favorite stew at the moment. I haven't made a whole lot of stews just because soup has been on my agenda, but gosh what have I been missing. This golden lentil carrot and parsnip stew are so super delish! I have been making it on repeat three times in a row, so you got to know it's seriously good!