Berlin, Germany was amazing. Within three days I got to experience the wonder of the Christmas markets, Cafes, and boutiques lined with organic breakfasts and the culture phenomenon of the Bratwurst. Three days, was enough for me, yes, but certainly not enough to see the historical scene. There is so much I did not know and might still not know, but hey at least I got to discover the tip of the iceberg so to speak.
We arrived around three in the afternoon on Monday and had a late lunch at the Christmas markets. Frikkadel, Bratwurst, and corn on a stick with a side of butter if you please. Quite a warming welcome with the mixture of all cultures surrounding us and the Blair of German Christmas music in the background. We stayed right in the center of Alexanderplatz which made things quite convenient to get around, but not so easy to sleep at night. It was a very modern setting surrounded by office buildings, hotels, tram stations and peddling habitants of this magnificent city.
Not only is Berlin a quite “new” city in terms of new buildings, but also a shopping addicts dream. There is basically around every corner a shopping center and a Starbucks. I do indulge when I get the chance with a cuppa tall something, but it gets a bit old for my hubby…


The next day before our Walking English tours, we had a brekkie at Spreegold coffee shop that was located quite close to our meeting point. Oh my, so many options for a breakfast lover that has been deprived of a decent Brunch for way too long. It was not fair indeed. I just couldn’t make up my mind and that was the least of my problems. Once a tall cuppa coffee arrived, I waited for my greek omelet and the brunch plate for my hubby.
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Well, you see the problem is when seven months pregnant is that you’re famished and think you can finish it all, but halfway through the meal, you come to the conclusion that there is just not enough space. Luckily I could walk it off on the four-hour tour ahead of me.


On our last day, with a few hours to kill, we went to District coffee for a pancake breakfast. The walk there was really beautiful and the energetic vibe of the urban boutiques inspired me. It is so amazing to see the hipness that surrounds this city even though is was in the mists of ruin back in the day.
I just love the combo’s of some of the boutiques that kind of wraps all the ideas into one. Coffee shop/ clothing boutique/ Nifty decor finds. That my friends are secretly my dream. We did some shopping, bien sûre and I got a not so little black dress for our pregnancy shoot. I have to take what I can find these days, looking good and feeling good with an ever growing belly is not an easy task.


All in all it was such a great trip and so good to get away and to get back home, lol. So now I got a decent nights sleep and boy am I still recovering from all the walking. Three days, Berlin, must do!!
Till my next destination!!


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