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Lentil Bolognese stuffed red peppers

Lentil Bolognese stuffed red peppers is such an easy and delicious meal to make. It's super surprising that stupid peppers can taste so delicious and the fact that you can add lots of plant-based ingredients to do so makes it even better. As far as I am concerned everybody should love these bolognese stuffed peppers, add an extra dollop of this creamy white sauce and your good to go. Home cooking never looked so good!
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Butter bean quinoa stuffed peppers

Butter beans quinoa stuffed peppers are the perfect mid-week meal. Stuffing vegetables are so easy to make and also easy to prep, leaving you with a bunch of leftovers for days to come. Cook them up with an array of other easy ingredients like potatoes, hummus, sliced vegetables and you've got a proper feast on your hands!