Spring pea barley risotto

Spring pea barley risotto is such an easy and cozy dish. It's spring and I am all for these fresh peas and asparagus that's in season. Winter has been a long one and still the bit of cold lingers for a cozy bowl of goodness. Barley risotto is so delicious and nutritious, certainly a must try with this super green sauce too!
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Sweet pea hummus

Sweet pea hummus is such a refreshing spin on the classic and works so well with these slightly sunnier days. I love peas and aside from the fact that they have loads of protein the sweet taste they add to this hummus is amazing! Paired with some crispy crackers and a few roasted almonds and you're set to go.
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Blueberry lemon poppyseed cake

Blueberry lemon poppyseed cake is such an easy and yummy cake to bake. It's ready n no time and the amazing flavors of lemon and blueberry is so intoxicating. The taste is even better with the hints of lemon zest and, bursts of blueberry and hints of poppy seeds. One of my very favorite summer cake loaves this year and I think I might be addicted to this combo from now on.

Raspberry caramel ice cream cubes

Raspberry caramel ice cream cubes are the absolute best kind of treat to cure those weekdays and weekend blues. They are the kind of treat that has your taste buds going wild and the best part is not only the melty caramel centre but the fact they are 100% vegan and somewhat good for you!
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Strawberry Rhubarb hand pies

Strawberry Rhubarb hand pies have been my saving grace yesterday, just coz we woke up with no power and a semi-dark house for almost the entire day. This was my worst, luckily I made a batch of these super crispy, refined sugar-free, delightfully sweet hand pies that helped me through my day of trail. My conclusion after a pretty hard and long day of nothing simply is gratitude. Gratitude for all the "luxuries" I take for granted every day, these mini pies included.
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Hot cross bun latte

Hot cross bun latte is just a perfect drink on this cold Friday. With Easter two weeks away, I can't help but dive right into the spicy splendor the season has to offer. It is a pretty special event coming up and I want to celebrate accordingly, kicking off with this very delectable spicy latte. I haven't done a whole lot of drinks on my website, but I had to share this one!
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Pineapple upside down cake

Pineapple upside down cake has summer written all over it. It's light, decadent and has a sweet tang thanks to the pineapple. I am in love with these last couple days. The mornings are still a bit fresh, but then later in the day, it gets slightly heated and then cools down once again around four in the afternoon. The birds sing and the wildflowers, especially the pops of red from the poppy flowers make me so happy. There are lilac trees and elderflower trees, that I didn't even know was around us a year ago. I watch our son play, and he is just having a ball playing outside. This season of life I am enjoying so much.