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Macadamia chocolate banana muffins

Macadamia chocolate banana muffins are probably the best kind of muffins around, they are so fluffy, easy to make and tastes delicious. Made with whole foods and minimal ingredients found in your kitchen, everyday nutricious baking made easy!
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Chai spiced apple muffins

Chai spiced apple muffins are the ultimate cozy fall morning treat, they are light, fluffy, and freeze really well, which means you can have them whenever you like!
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Carrot zucchini muffins

Carrot zucchini muffins are the perfect way to get in those greens. My kids have devoured these, aside from knowing what they actually were eating. They are fluffy, light, and flavorful!
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Sweet potato spinach muffins

Sweet potato spinach muffins are my ultimate savory muffins to date, since visiting Dublin last November, I've had the best pumpkin scones and I've tried to recreate them so many times. I have to say that these muffins come very close to those wonderful scones I've tasted. They are light, yet dense in a way. Perfectly risen and so flavorful.

OIl-Free blueberry muffins

Oil-free blueberry muffins are one of those recipes that is part of my little book of recipes, just because by memory I can whip them up and have a warm batch of muffins ready and waiting when the morning rush begins. They are so scrumptious with juicy bites of blueberries in between moorish bits of banana. Best friends to coffee, nut butter, and basically everything I want for breakfast or as a snack.
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Coffee fig muffins

Coffee fig muffins are the perfect way to start these cozy mornings. They are somewhat between a healthy muffin and a scrumptious piece of cake. I love the crunch of the hazelnuts and the bits of dried figs in between every bite. With a steaming cup of JO, every morning will start off great!
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One bowl carrot cake muffins

One bowl carrot cake muffins will simplify your life. They are vegan, fluffy an loaded with all the good stuff. The hidden veggies, since my toddler and husband can spot vegetable a mile away are just sublime and adds to the uber fluffiness. These little bubs of goodness are pros at fooling even the very picky eaters of them all.

Pecan crumb muffins

Pecan crumb muffins are a combination of summer, autumn and winter all rolled into one. The different textures and tastes are somewhat comforting, yet light and crunchy at the same time. You'd want to eat more than one that's for sure. By the sight of my living room floor, my son purely enjoyed the muffins too. After I gave one to my 18-month-old, I too was eating more than one, because eating muffins beat's cleaning floor's. Crumblike anythings to a toddler is life, not so much for me when all the cleaning is involved.