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Milktart granola

Milktart granola is certainly the way I'd like to start my day, to all granola lovers out there, you got to make this! It's crunchy, nutty and a whole lot of cinnamon going on there, perfect for that yogurt bowl patiently waiting to be devoured.
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Apple pie granola

Apple pie granola is the perfect autumn breakfast. It's the kind of breakfast you dream about when you go to bed and jump out of bed for the next morning. It's crunchy and loaded with flavor. Everything I need my granola to be since I eat granola everyday and therefor a fresh batch is more than needed. Apples are in abundance right now, and this granola is certainly crisp to your day you've been looking for!
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Salted caramel granola

Salted caramel granola is yet another spectacular salted caramel recipe and the best part might be the fact that you can eat this for breakfast or just munch on it all day long... now that sounds like something I could get used to. 
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Hertzoggie granola

Hertzoggie granola is a genius batch of granola I tell you. if you love all things coconutty, tangy and chewy then this batch is for YOU! I love granola, it's probably part of my top five things I prefer to eat on the daily, just because it adds that crunch, texture and a whole lot of flavor! This SA Inspired granola came from a very much loved cookie called Hertzoggies.

Almond lover granola

Almond lover granola is another batch of deliciousness to start your morning with. I love granola, to snack on, to top on to smoothies and add on to oats for some extra crunch. This batch of granola is particularly good because it has minimal ingredients and tastes delicious. It will be your new favorite way to start the day or something just to snack on all day long...
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Tahini caramel pretzel granola

Tahini caramel pretzel granola is simply the best way to start the day. Seriously, I am addicted to this granola right now. I add it onto oats, yogurt, smoothies and fresh fruit. Autumn is almost at it's end and the mornings have become very dark and gloomy, which leads to a very difficult way to wake up in the morning. BUT the upside is this granola, it makes me exited to wake up in the morning, even though lately I am ravenous like in all the I have to make another batch very soon!
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Two ingredient granola tarts

Two ingredient granola tarts are what's on my breakfast table this mothers day. Since I will be celebrating Mothers day with my two boys, these cute little tarts will go down pretty well. If I say so myself. What makes these tarts so special is the fact they are made with just dates and Simply granola's let's get figgy granola.

Tahini granola clusters

Tahini granola clusters are beautiful with coconut yogurt and these lovely sweet poached pears. I make a batch of granola almost every other week, just because I love it so much and let's be honest it's so addicting. To make your own granola or muesli are so worth it, because you just know everything that's in there. Plus when you get to make a new batch every week, you get to experiment with different tastes and flavor combinations.
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Prickly pear tapioca pudding

Prickly pear tapioca pudding is utterly amazing whether you decide to have it for breakfast or dessert. I actually ate this bowl of tapioca pudding with my son for breakfast and there was no complaining. It is light and subtly sweetened with juicy hints of prickly pear. I remember we ate these things so much as kids, all sliced up and cold from the fridge. My mother always said we shouldn't eat too much, but they were just too delish. Now I love to use these beauties in savory and sweet dishes.

Carb clever choc hazelnut granola

Carb clever choc hazelnut granola is my preference for breakfast. This granola is my guilty pleasure. Eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...I just can't seem to attain myself when it comes to this carb clever choc loaded heaven. When we go back to visit in SA the very first thing I want to do is go to Woolworths. It's our equivalent of whole foods, homemade, luxury packed, what's for dinner store. a Store like that in my Ville is the thing that I miss the most. Here premade meals are the very worst and even healthy snacking alternatives can taste like cardboard...