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Skiing Verbier

Skiing Verbier

Skiing Verbier was certainly one of my top skiing destinations with an added price tag of course…

Whoa feels like forever that I have actually written a blog post…Sorry, I was skiing in Verbier and I think I got my bearings somewhere around there! When I do I want to really say something instead of blogging about my daily life, like hitting the gym. You would just love that wouldn’t you, hehe. There are so many more important things in life. I just keep on realizing it every day and get flabbergasted how many don’t see “life” all around. One place that made me aware was when I went skiing with my sis and her husband and little miss lady in Verbier last weekend. It was gorgeous of course, but what struck me was when we were on the slopes and the perfect formed snowflakes fell on my ski jacket and melted instantly…Thousand upon thousands of snowflakes perfectly and uniquely formed. Whilst others were perfecting their ski turns I was amazed. That takes some planning don’t you think?
Verbier was certainly worth the Visit, but you def have to have some moula to have a decent vacation. To hire ski’s and to pay for a ski pass will roughly work out on 300 euros for three days…Lost your breath right there. That’s how they roll in the swiss alps, with their Porsche convertibles and matching ski suits. Now to fully enjoy the skiing experience you have to indulge in loads of bars, apres-ski pubs, chocolaterie, Boulangeries, restaurants. We had a gorgeous diner at the Le Carrefour restaurant on the top the town overlooking the lights in between the mountains. They cater a whole lot more for vegetarians over there and I was very pleased because meat is a bit expensive over there. Verbier is also known as one of the best off-piste skiing. No slopes…From 1500-3500m I wouldn’t dare just yet, but there were kids that took the off-piste route and even the black slopes which I would rather roll down on my bum thank you very much.
When returning from my trip I had a depart-deiu (stopover) at Lyon train station. With thirty minutes to spare until my next train and a Starbucks cafe. I was in my happy place, who wouldn’t love a cuppa goodness in hand. It is the best place to go and do some mindless viewing of people coming and going. Nowadays you are a target in a public place or any place actually and I was afraid until I looked around and saw that people still do the things that make them happy(and also the armed army guys walking around). Like drinking coffee, for example, checking out emails, having a catch-up with a friend and having some family time before heading off to the next adventure.
With the recent tragedies we all tend to ask why and what can I do to make all of this make sense. My conclusion is that I can’t make it make sense to myself, but it’s a reality check to make human interaction and what humanity actually means to me. To take care of the ones you love, to make eye contact wit a stranger and to smile at someone once in a while. This technology bubble that all of us are in kind of distracts us from “real” life. There are so many that are worse off than we are…No Starbucks, no men with guns to serve and protect and certainly no “happy”.
Talking about happy places a.k.a Sunday fruit markets where all the seasonal goodies are. Like fresh strawberries and asparagus. I am like a kid when I see a fruit and veggie market. I love to eat healthy as you know, so heaping up fresh produce just makes my day. I already made a breakfast smoothie and oat & banana waffles with strawberry compote. So to finish off this healthy week I made an asparagus salad with balsamic roasted strawberries and Burrata Mozzarella. Was super yum, vibrant and crunchy, served with charred grilled Fillet steak. I missed meat, in the alps, you will pay roughly 30-45 euros for a 200-300g steak… I’ll stick to this salad, though.


Prep Time
Cook Time


3-4 people


  • 10 asparagus spears
  • 1 1/2 cup strawberries
  • 1 cup mini Burrata mozzarella
  • 1/2 cup balsamic
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • Handfull of crushed walnuts
  • salt and pepper
  • garlic
  • 1/3 cup olive oil


  1. Fry the Asparagus spears in olive oil for about 10 minutes with salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.
  2. Place the rinsed strawberries in a baking tray, mix the balsamic and honey together and drizzle that and some olive oil over them. Bake for 10 minutes till they become soft and glossy. (Don’t over cook so they become gooey)
  3. Layer by starting with the asparagus, strawberries and then the Burrata mozzarella. Drizzle some of the sauce over and alongside the plate for decoration. Sprinkle some of the walnuts and extra salt and pepper over the top.
  4. Serve hot with the cold mozzarella cheese.

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