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Celebrate 29


Celebrate 29…with succulent cupcakes!

28 has been a good year indeed and slowly but surely 29 has arrived and 30 is just lurking around the corner. Age just sneeks up on you and before you know it your body can tell the tell-tell signs. I had to celebrate this glorious occasion with some cake and obviously. My motherly duties were not pushed aside especially since my little munchkin was teething! Those two little buggers surprised me a week later and boy does breastfeeding get more challenging ,well, yes indeed! What a day I was in for, but cake made everything better. I can’t believe that this year will be the four year mark of living in France. I seriously can’t believe it. Rewind four years ago, naive, newly married and with no clue on how to be a wife, do groceries or even cook properly. With the added extras of not speaking french, driving on the right side of the road and building your own furniture.

Now I am a mother, wife and somewhat older woman. What new and profound advice do I have for you? Well let me start by saying that there is no job that I have had before, that of being a mother, that has been as special, blessed, rewarding and as hard as nails tough to do. I look at myself in the mirror and it is not only the physical that has changed but it’s her looking back at me. Is it okay to feel unrecognizable to yourself?

Someday it’s “you got this!” and other days with spit up all over, messy hair and leggings that it goes a bit more like “I can’t do this”.

DSC_7882The flyby 20’s are almost over and I have learned to treat myself a bit more graciously. Acting selfishly has kind of taken a back seat and you know what it’s okay. It’s such a short time in your life that you are totally preoccupied with actually the right kind of thing instead of spending all your time on needless activities. This vacation in SA has thought me to just take it easy and enjoy the here and now. Spend time with those that care, do what you want to do, sleep in and have a decent breakfast. Yes, I was somewhat addicted to social media for a while just because it was a mindless escape and a place to unwind. Somedays I just need a creative outlet even though it is just looking at some pretty wonderful accounts that just inspire me to actually get out if the rut and do something for myself. It’s easy to get depro when your so far away from family and daily in the same routine. There is no use in complaining because others have a much harder load to bare, so I get reminded every now and again to just be thankful.

This past vacation in SA I took a break from social media for a while and with a new perspective I can earnestly enjoy the accounts I follow. So honestly this is me, 29, new mother, lifestyle blogger, aspiring cook, photographer, and stylist. Quite a whole lot to describe me, but to my son I am happy just to be his mother. I don’t get to do all the “loisir” activities these days and my blog is not getting the much needed attention, but none the less I do hope you’ll stick with me.


Now like most new mothers I mostly spend my hours googeling, giggling and soothing instead of socializing. Temporarily your life is on hold and ironically just beginning. You might be living in the best years of your life. If you don’t look you’ll miss it whilst right in the center of it all. All you ever wanted is right here. All you “loved” to do has transcended in to taking care of this little being. It’s crazy to think, but the world revolves around them from here on. So mommies who have kids and can do more, wow I salute you!

We had an awesome family shoot when we were in SA. Shot by the talented Go urban photography. Charlaine really knows how to make even the worst hair day work to her advantage and I absolutely adore all the photos we received. I had to chase down every store before the shoot just to find something for the shoot. Can you believe that this top was R49.99 at Mr Price? Their online store is pretty impressive! We were all dressed in jean and the color just popped with winter whispering between the trees at the botanical gardens in Bloemfontein. For that hour I wanted to focus on our little family and what a privilege it is to be able to have that. Luckily the little man was ever so shy and sweet to pose, thank goodness for that because an hour later it was not the same story at all. Babies are seriously so unpredictable. Even though they can drive me crazy, my heart just wants to burst with love for the two men in my life!



Now there are obviously a couple of things that I want to do and discuss. When you’re a new mommy there is a few things that you can do to make your life a lot easier. I’ll get to those I promise. For your time’s sake and my dire need of sleep, I’m keeping it short and sweet this week.

Here is to turning 29, may it be all that it can be. Chic, like were all are Mademoiselle!


Every now and again I get the chance to do a bit of baking like these succulent cupcakes filled with caramel that I made for my birthday! Pretty cute right? I have to say that I adore succulents, just because they are so such super independent plants and don’t need a lot of work especially since I don’t have a lot of time lately. Just give them a bit of love and they’ll flourish. Not only are they esthetically pretty but make pretty cupcakes, cakes, and even macaroons, but my macaroons did not make the cut this time. I have tried to perfect my buttercream flowers, bur they are ever so time-consuming.

So I got the inspo from one of my favorite bloggers- my name is yeh, Molly on the range! Absolutely love her style and earnestness. I took her rose rose cake and made cupcakes with peppermint chocolate, caramel filling, and buttercream icing. I even made Smore Oreo cupcakes with the same recipe and just added chocolate ganache as the filling and used fluff as the marshmallow frosting which was a bit of a mess, but they tasted great. After this ginormous sugar rush I’m visiting my sis in Geneva where the rich, skinny and glamorous are living. This is where I am reminded that I am certainly a mommy now, regardless I’ll choose that over Jimmy choo’s any day!

Here are a few tutorials on how to perfect these beauties:


Buttercream flowers

Succulent cake

Where to buy the equipment:

Caramel and Peppermint crisp chocolate- Die spens

Piping nozzle etc- Cookshop




Here is the recipe

Happy baking and celebrating all things good in your life!