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Beet mushroom ravioli

Beet mushroom ravioli is a trying yet super rewarding dish! This dish is so delicious, filled with a creamy mushroom filling. Fried crispy, topped with flavourful thyme butter. Fry, drizzle, slice top with more butter and enjoy! YUM!

Oreo peanut butter cheesecake

Oreo peanut butter cheesecake is the perfect and easy dessert to make this Valentine's. it all can comes together in no time and tastes just absolutely amazing. the combination of peanut butter and oreo's are out of the world as you might know, perfectly served with some fresh fruit to make it, um, guilt-free! it is valentines day after all.
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Pesto mushrooms sun dried tomato orzo

Pesto mushroom sun-dried tomato orzo might be the perfect cozy date night meal you've been looking for. Valentines might look a bit different this year, but that does not mean that, that it can't be special. This dish certainly will elevate your dinner plans!
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Sweet potato spinach muffins

Sweet potato spinach muffins are my ultimate savory muffins to date, since visiting Dublin last November, I've had the best pumpkin scones and I've tried to recreate them so many times. I have to say that these muffins come very close to those wonderful scones I've tasted. They are light, yet dense in a way. Perfectly risen and so flavorful.

Creamy baba ganoush dip

Creamy baba ganoush dip is THE dip I'm obsessed with right now, not only is it so creamy, full of flavor and super easy to make. It's topped with sumac and harissa roasted carrots, toasted pine nuts, and dried cranberries plus it has that added protein boost of butter beans in between the mix. It will make any eggplant hater turn in to it's nr one fan and I was one of those haters mind you and now, I can't get enough.
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Asparagus feta galette

Asparagus feta galette is such an easy meal to make with so much flavor. The crumbly vegan feta goes so well with the crispy pastry and the beautifully fresh asparagus and roasted almonds. It's a meal on its own or serves as the ultimate partner to any light lunch or dinner!

Tandoori BBQ cauliflower wings

Tandoori BBQ cauliflower wings are so tasty, if you like em spicy then these cauliflower wings are for you. They are so scrumptious and so easy to make as well.
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Vegetable pot pie

Vegetable pot pie with chive biscuits is the ultimate one-pot dish. It's so comforting and super filling, two of my favorite things when you need the best of both worlds. The crispy chive biscuits ontop elevate this dish to another level if you'd rather like something simple go for flakes puff pastry biscuits instead, but I vouch for the homemade route!
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Bran buttermilk vegan rusks

Bran buttermilk rusks are simply the perfect addition to my morning routine. They are so tasty, loaded with seeds, jumbo raisins and 100% plant-based. Hard to believe that these sweet dried slices of bread are so good, I made a batch for when the baby has arrived to keep me preoccupied for the couple weeks to come. 

Chocolate fudge cake

Chocolate fudge cake recipe is here just in time for the weekend. Feels like I have missed summer this year. The mornings are cool and the last heatstroke has passed. I see notes of Autumn around the corner with bursting orange pumpkins to be seen. Still I want to stay here a bit longer, but such is life right every season brings new treasures.