My “french” due date is around the corner, 41 weeks is staring met daringly in the face. How have these last two weeks been you might ask…dreadfully long and somewhat miserable. How can you be miserable if you’re going to have a baby one of these days? I know that in actual fact complaining is just ludicrous, but gosh I have been waiting for more than 40 weeks to meet this little guy. His (not so little) kicks and hiccups have been my companion for a while and not that I want that to be over (sometimes I do?!…ouch, painfully kicked in the ribs just now) it’s just the constant anticipation of WHEN will he come?


Since I have hit the 37th mark I have been increasing my walks and doing more pelvic floor exercises and deep squats. I was very hopeful for my 39th-week checkup. Give me the good news, I am one centimeter dilated, right? Because, why not? I have tried all that is humanly and naturally possible to get him to drop and be ready for birth. My garmen watch can vouch for that! My husband even dedicated a whole week and a half during his vacay to “help” me make this process go a little further.

Pregnant in FR

What in the world? By my 39th week checkup… no baby! I gained three kilograms in two weeks and the baby had gained another 800g. So by her estimated calculations, he weighs 3.8kg. I don’t even want to know what he weighs now… My cervix has thinned and softened a bit, but nothing major had happened. I was devastated. Not only has all my attempts help nothing but I gained more weight than I even thought possible (just because I have been really healthy during my pregnancy) and how am I going to push a 3.8kg baby out? You’ll understand the rambling of a pregnant woman, everything are so heightened with emotions. After soaking my husband’s shoulder in tears, I chuffed upped and looked at the bright side of things. All in all, he is healthy and I am very thankful for that. Thank goodness for an epidural and Kyla Itsanes.


With much exhaustion, because of all my attempts, I have actually slept the best I have in a long long time. There was just no time to wake up at three in the morning and let anxiety take its course. These self-help actions have actually led me to relax a whole lot more and just accept the fact that if I go over my due date that is okay too. I have come this far! One more week might not be so bad…Bring on the oxytocin (feel-good hormone that supposedly helps you go into labor)

pregnant in FR

What happens when I go over my due date?
My doctor explained that in France you call the midwife on the day of your due date and tell them you have not given birth yet. You receive an appointment (would think they would rush you to emergency right away, right? Wrong!) They will give you a checkup and then if all is fine, two more days goes by and then you’ll come in again, they send you back home if all is fine once again and then by the third rendezvous induction is introduced. As far as I can understand, there are various methods of induction read more here.


Here are a few natural self-inducing methods that I have read up about online- even though there is no medical proof that they actually work…

Walking, Primrose oil, Raspberry leaf tea, Intercourse, walking stairs, eating pineapples, riding on a bumpy road and hoping on a medicine ball.

South African “boere raad” a.k.a old wives tales from my mother is to take a very hot bath and the French believe that washing all your windows in the house lead to labor. I haven’t tried the last one, even though by this point I am just over my desperation and will try it even though I know it won’t work.

Pregnant in FR


The funny thing is, during pregnancy, there are so many people that think their method or advice is the way to go. You’ll gladly lend your ear out to anyone who can just give you an ounce of hope to make this “situation” a bit more bearable. It helps to de-load and to know that you’re not the only one who is feeling this way. With nothing that fits you anymore and a constant “belly hanging out” situation, you’ll try anything. What have I taken from the non-stop learning curve of pregnancy is that – I can really declare that the baby will come when he/she is ready.


I am going to take a nap -it might be a while…Who knows maybe the baby will come tonight when it’s a full moon and a lunar eclipse. Our french neighbour said that there is a certain wind blowing that makes all the pregnant women give birth tonight as well.  Anything is possible, right?


Can’t hurt hoping!



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