France in winter Bloom

France in winter bloom

France is in bloom! Is this a sign that winter is finally coming to an end, just after I have had such a short but sweet week in sunny SA?

The cold air greeted my sunburnt skin and I was surprised to see that Montpellier is in Bloom. Baby, it is still cold outside, but pink flowers are decorating the pale gray sky. It’s such a beautiful sight for sore eyes! I am glad to be home after a week and half of South African sunshine. It was a good week. I am still recovering from eating too much red meat. (Biltong…gimme more!! )I got to spend some quality time with my family in sunny the Freestate and ate a few of my favorite cooked meals like deep fried pumpkin fritters and sago pudding. It feels weird going back after a couple of months. Everything has changed and nothing at the same time. Different people but the same place, kind of a Deja Vue that keeps on repeating itself. The breathtaking sunsets and warm hearted people are not easy to forget.
Die kuiertjie was van korte duur, maar na drie maande se uitsien, het ek  elke oomblik ingeneem. Tyd is te kosbaar om te bekommer oor jou en ander se fieterjasies. Na my “kort” langnaweek saam met my familie was ons weer sak en pak Bloemfontein toe. My “moet eet” lysie was volledig voltooi en ek het al die lekkernye van die vrystaatst tenvolle geniet. Fullhouse sushi, wakakberry, Mug & Bean ontbyt, Barista wyn en ook ander nuwe produkte ontdek soos die lekker guava & peace icetea. My tas was ordenklik gelaai met “goodies” wat ek gekoop het, so kyk gerus na my produktelys hieronder. 
Die opwagting om ordenklik te makiti was verseker die wag werd. Ek het my skoonsus se gesig versier vir haar mooi dag en in hul grappies myself verloor. Mens koester sulke spesiale oomblikke en vergeet soms om elke dag so te lewe. Om met ‘n glimlag op jou gesig vir die liefde van jou lewe koffie voor te maak (al doen jy dit elke oggend) om moeite te doen met jou familie en jouself eers opsy te sit.  Na twee jaar van huisskoon maak, stryk en genot vind in ure van opetyd het ek weereens besef binne ‘n paar ure van ‘n emotionele troue dat ek soms vergeet. Vergeet om te “let go” en net die oomblikke saam met jou geliefdes te koester, want jy weet nie wanneer dit verby gaan wees nie.
Lesson I have learned this past week: This year will be my ten-year reunion…The last time I checked it was five years and now I am already ten years out of school…Wow. Where has the time gone? In school I tended to worry to fit in, does the boy like me back, will I make the hockey team and in Varsity it was almost the same story. We want to be liked and we want to have a purpose. These last two years I have gotten around to liking myself bit a more and that has made things a bit simpler. Growing up is hard. My oldest sister told me that no matter what other people do or think about you, you have to be okay wth you and that struck me because does getting approval from others really mean that much? Sometimes, yes and other times, what the heck, right! Does it come with age or is it just a decision? I certainly am never too old to learn something new or forgotten.
Now for the good part…Mon Amour!!!! Valentine’s day might be a bit cheesy, but one thing I can learn from the french is that they know how to show that they are in love. Public affection is certainly not in lack here. Well, according to this website Valentine’s day has a strong origin from France, which I don’t doubt for a second! Tender messages would be written called carte d’amilies. Click here to find French Valentine’s day phrases. 
Nou ‘n hart vorm is verseker my gunsteling en in my huis is daar meer as net een beuldjie en hout hartjie. Met liefdes tale soos kwaliteit tyd, opbouende woorde en geskenke kan mens nie verkeerd gaan nie. Ek weet dat Valenteinsdag  mens gemaak is, maar  hoekom nou nie opgewonde raak daaroor nie? Wat is die skade daaraan om biekie moeite te doen en jou tweede helfde biekie te bederf! Ek love ‘n stukkie moeite so ek het besluit om die geen flop picknick te pak en ook die hartjievorm macaron cakepops te maak. Als is super eenvoudig en sal jou geliefde se hart laat smelt.

The cold air greeted my sunburnt skin and I was surprised to see that Montpellier is in Bloom. Baby, it is still cold outside, but pink flowers are decorating the pale gray sky. It’s such a beautiful sight for sore eyes

 If you don’t macarons then please prepare yourself, because there is no dessert or petite gateau-like it. It is seen as a royal dessert and according to its history, it is quite fitting indeed! My recipe is very easy, so you can make this delicate cookie right at home!
After two and a half years of marriage, I am even more in love with my husband.
Just like Montpellier, love is in full bloom…
Ps: Just want to say thank you for all the people that are supporting me, by reading my blog and liking my page. You have motivated me to keep on doing what I Love and it’s so inspiring to me to get some positive feedback! So thank you so much! Also please pray for my cat, she has gotten poisoned somehow a few days ago.
Let me know what you think of my afr-ish posts. I am starting with french classes again next week, so hopefully, I’ll be fluent soon! Maybe one of these days my posts will be a bit more french than afr-ish:)
Have an awesome weekend and Happy Valentine’s day you love birds!
My week in SA!
 Sheshwe bag and sheshwe material from a local material store.
Cotton road scarfs
Black opium perfume as a present from my Husband…Smells amazing!
Double wristed watch from the store in Aliwal- North called Smitten.
Products from Mac  
 Prep and prime, oil control lotion (works like a dream for oily skin) and sparkly back eyeshadow in Black tied from Mac.
Contouring in Give me sun and Bronze eyeshadow in Bronze frost from Mac
 Wooden dolls from Smitten
Casserole gift from my mom by Woolworths
Vintage serving cutlery from my Mom- for my baking passion of course!
Macaroons from Laduree- I always buy a box when I am at the airport! Absolute favorite!
Sarie kos magazine
Amazing Landbou Boerekos magazine. For all the traditional “Boerekos” recipes that I am dying to make!
Sandals from Charles & Keith

There you go, enough products to satisfy your shopping addiction, or shall I say my shopping addiction…


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