What have I been up to this week?

What have I been up to this week?

One month postnatal and now I am enjoying the little things in life, like taking a proper shower, doing my nails or even having a proper meal. Motherhood has been fully embraced with spit up’s and dirty nappies.

The weeks seem to blur together since having a baby, little things like taking a shower, making a smoothie or even going to loo has to be strategically planned. Having an extra pair of hands handy helps heaps and heaps. These last four weeks have been consumed by diaper changes, feeding, burping and soothing baby to sleep. I have been living off chicken salads and smoothies lately. I am sure that baby has a radar everytime I want to eat, he just knows exactly when to wake up as I sit down to take the first bite. Is it okay to feel that I kind of lost the plot? It feels as though I am constantly cleaning spit of myself or him. So obviously I go for easy clothes and a ponytail at this stage, really embracing the mommy role over here.

This week I went to the farmers market (feels like forever) and it was the second time that I have gone somewhere alone with a baby. The first time was pretty nerve wrecking because breastfeeding in public can be a bit daunting. I had coffee with a friend of mine, he woke up just on cue as our drinks arrived and I tried to do the whole breast out thing (covered myself obviously), but gave up after a few minutes later and went to sit in the restroom. a Few minutes in, in between screams, there was already a queue outside the door, she knocked and asked how long I was going to be…Flustered I said “Je Presque fini..” Gosh, give me a break already. The second time, luckily, went pretty civilly. He slept I bought some produce to make dinner with and had a peaceful coffee for a change before he woke up.

Also, something normal we attempted this week was to have some friends over for cake and cuddles. He hasn’t been probably introduced and is one month old already. It was really good and kind of felt normal for a change, even though that night I was sitting with an over-stimulated baby, but it was well worth it. I made a no-bake Oreo nougat cheesecake and it was simply easy and delicious. I’ll share the recipe really soon! I made a video, but I first have to see what the quality looks like, my creative juices ain’t what it use to be at this stage of the game. Thankfully my mother comes to visit in two weeks to give me a bit of a break, just to go and get my hair done for a change of senary. Amen for small the graces in life!

How happy am I that spring is around the corner or kind of here already and we are welcomed by later sunsets and crispy air with the hint of spring flowers. With spring comes the need to create something new and fresh. My husband took initiative and we finally made a DIY herb garden and started with our veggie garden. Can’t wait to have my very own tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, red onion, and beets to eats fresh from the ground.  These will be probably be accompanied by chicken for the time being.

let me be honest here, one month postpartum is still tough. I am not going to lie. Some days are great and some not so great. Time is not a factor at this stage, it’s all about surviving. Some nights I am able to feel like a wife again, making dinner, doing the laundry etc. and other nights I go to bed at 8:30. But, there is a but, seeing him smile, even just a hint (I know it might be a reflex, even though I’m oblivious to that fact) it makes me so happy. I’ll take the fatigue and late nights. All in all- so totally worth it.







Dinner was Cod bake with Fennel and Zucchini, Gorgonzola and honey baked butternut and shredded carrot and radish salad with french vinaigrette.





PS: I’ll be posting about my diet during pregnancy and postnatal eating preferences on Monday. It is crazy what your body goes through, and luckily I had seen a dietician right in the beginning of my pregnancy that helped me to make the right choices. DNA testing was done to set me on the right track, for more keep a lookout on Monday.

Bon Weekend!


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