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The Sweet Lifestyle

Enjoying life to the fullest no matter where you are is an art not acquired by many, but it seems to be all about your attitude and take on life at the end of the day…

South of France, 24th of May, Palavas des Flots. This is my second visiting Chez Nicolette and man I just love the vibe. There is something about this lady, that just makes you want to be her best friend. She is a family loving, no pretenses, honestly interested and really sincere kind of person. I wanted to know a little bit more of this Greek rooted South African beauty. She so graciously allowed me to capture her in her habitat…Come and see!

Aside from the practicalities and logistics of setting up a home in a foreign country, I have learned to be assertive in the face of adversity.

What products are your go-to products in regards to beauty?

You have probably ascertained that I tend to have a very minimalistic approach to both beauty and fashion. My daily routine involves cleansing with Cetaphil, moisturizing, applying an SPF and then using only a Makeup forever Paris concealer from Sephora and Chanel mascara. The same approach goes for my clothing; a good pair of jeans and jacket are my go-to’s. The less complicated the better!

Some of her favorite products are Bedhead hair products, Dessange from Sephora, Chanel powder and mascara, OPI nail polish and easy nail polish remover from Sephora.

You recently went vegan. What are your staple foods

With the hot weather fast approaching the South of France, I tend to live off large bowls of salad and baguette. A typical reflex developed from my Greek childhood means that I find myself dipping large chunks of warm baguette into my salad dressing- if you don’t get it, give it a try!:) I’ve recently bought my first vegan cookbook and have started cooking some of the recipes, my favorite being falafels. We eat that at least once a week, but I secretly wish we could eat it every meal!The local fruit store, about 200m walk from her apartment.



How do you think you’ve changed since living in France?

I don’t think we fully comprehended how difficult it would be moving overseas, to a country where you are not entirely comfortable with the language and without the family support around you. Aside from the practicalities and logistics of setting up a home in a foreign country, I have learned to be assertive in the face of adversity. I’m sure all expats have experienced a similar feeling; showing resilience when it all feels too hard, quickly identifying when things are not going to work out and figuring out alternatives that do not waste too much time and money. Organisation and a sole reliance on our own capabilities have also meant that we have had to quickly grow up and get things done in order to live the most comfortable and happy life here. We are only 9 months in and I can bet we are in for more lessons in the future!



What places do you wish to travel to and which has been your favorite so far?

We are so lucky that we are living in an area that makes travel so easy and accessible. Demetri and I are embarking on a month long travel to Greece and Cyprus shortly, we are visiting some Greek Islands we have both not been too; Crete and Santorini, and then visiting family in both Athens and in Limassol in Cyprus. Visiting both countries feels like going home and I would have to rank these two cities as my favorite in Europe. That being said my sister lives in London. I love the bustling nature of the city and the never-ending activities and events that go on rain or shine. Should there be another opportunity to travel in the near future, we hope to go to Italy and Germany.


Any advice for someone who loves minimalistic style?

I think my only advice would be to just go for quality items over quantity. I have often made the mistake of going for cheaper, lower quality items but have found that these pieces just land up cluttering the space/wardrobe/look. Be shrewd and uncompromising in the pursuit of a single high-quality item.

I Have certainly learned a thing or two from Nicolette, can’t wait to try out some of the products she prefers. It’s not about spending loads of money on the best of the best, but it is about figuring out what works best for you!

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