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Cauliflower mac and cheese

Cauliflower mac and cheese, there just something about mac and cheese that is so comforting, homey, and yet utterly warming. Makes me think of home, childhood, autumn days, and cozy fires. This creamy cauliflower mac and cheese ticks all of the boxes and it comes together in less than half an hour, which probably makes it the best kind of comfort food if you ask me!
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Cashew ginger tofu stir fry

Cashew ginger tofu stir fry is one of my favorite easy no-fuss recipes. Not only have I been making stir fry for so many years now, but it's really such a flavorful way to serve chopped veg. Crunch, flavor, and comfort are all I need in a bowl and this dish has it all!

Roasted potato tacos

Roasted potato tacos are my ultimate right now. Confession, I haven't made taco's very often, but after watching a chef shows on Netflix I thought, well, they seem pretty easy to make. Stuffing some taco's with all kinds of delicious things I love is my kinda meal and I can see why they are so popular and you will too.
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Toasted hummus falafel pita's

Toasted hummus falafel pitas are the ultimate quick meal that tastes pretty good to boot. It's so easy to whip together and the best part might be the leftovers for tomorrow...
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Tomato basil quiche

Tomato basil quiche is one of those recipes that is a no-brainer. It's so easy to make and tastes super delicious. Easy lunch or light dinner option that can be changed according to what you have in your kitchen. AND who doesn't love a crispy baked quiche out of the oven with a fresh side salad am I right?
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Mushroom bourguignon pie

Mushroom bourguignon pie is a delightful plant-based pie recipe to try out. It's meaty, loaded with plant protein, flavor, and crunch! I topped this pie with filo pastry pockets, which gives it a very interesting look and feel, dare I say it's the best savory pie around...I think I just did!

Eggplant lasagne

Eggplant lasagne is a dish that's a bit on the lighter side of the traditional one that we all know and love, but certainly fills the gaps of comfort, nutrition, and protein. I have made this dish with just plants and it's certainly one of my very favorite main plant-based dishes thus far.
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Summer vegetable curry

Summer vegetable curry is the perfect dish when you're looking for something hearty yet satisfying. It's loaded with summer vegetables, creamy coconutty sauce with hints of curry powder, toasted cashews, and served with sweet potato flatbreads.
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Butter bean quinoa stuffed peppers

Butter beans quinoa stuffed peppers are the perfect mid-week meal. Stuffing vegetables are so easy to make and also easy to prep, leaving you with a bunch of leftovers for days to come. Cook them up with an array of other easy ingredients like potatoes, hummus, sliced vegetables and you've got a proper feast on your hands!
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Sweet potato miso soup

Sweet potato miso soup is such an easy and uber delicious soup recipe, I have made this soup probably too often. It comes together under half an hour and tastes so creamy with the sweet tang of the white miso paste and the perfect crunchy hints of the coconut bacon.