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Thai green curry ramen

Thai green curry ramen might be my favorite hot dish this winter. Comforting, spicy, and loaded with so much flavor and crunch. I love Thai green curry and this broth with the rice noodles works so so well. Making it again really soon I bet. 
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Cashew ginger tofu stir fry

Cashew ginger tofu stir fry is one of my favorite easy no-fuss recipes. Not only have I been making stir fry for so many years now, but it's really such a flavorful way to serve chopped veg. Crunch, flavor, and comfort are all I need in a bowl and this dish has it all!
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Chili lime coconut crusted tofu

Chili lime coconut-crusted tofu and baked plantains are such a must-do combo! To all the tofu naysayers, I say this recipe might just convert you to being a tofu lover! They are super crispy and tangy with the side of a spicy dipping sauce.
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Vegan feta stuffed zucchini arrabbiata ravioli

Vegan feta stuffed zucchini arrabbiata ravioli is an easy weeknight meal that you can whip up in no time, super fresh, light with an added zing that you just might need. This vegan feta is so easy to make and can be baked or kept as a spread for bagels or as a filling to stuff vegetables. The spicy arrabbiata sauce goes so well with the thinly sliced zucchini and crumbly vegan feta texture.
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Chickpea tofu ramen

Chickpea tofu ramen, I mean every day like in every day I could eat this! This whole plate is just the right amount of crunch, flavor and super packed with nutrition. I have been craving both these last past weeks, something comforting and light and this ramen just covers all the cravings.

Bang bang cauliflower stir fry bowls

This week has been pretty hectic, I've been recovering from a flu infection since Monday (coodoes to the antibiotics). Aside from that, I have been baking non-stop with a vegan baking course I have been doing online this past week. I have made almost ten recipes out of sixteen and have five or so more to go. Sheesh, it's been rough, therefore these bang-bang cauli bowls have been life!