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Hertzoggie granola

Hertzoggie granola is a genius batch of granola I tell you. if you love all things coconutty, tangy and chewy then this batch is for YOU! I love granola, it's probably part of my top five things I prefer to eat on the daily, just because it adds that crunch, texture and a whole lot of flavor! This SA Inspired granola came from a very much loved cookie called Hertzoggies.
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Tangy Lentil pumpkin Bobotie

Tangy Lentil pumpkin Bobotie is a must-make recipe for veggie lovers and meat-lover alike. This recipe is one that I have been making so many times over the couple of years that I have lost count. Normally it's made with meat, but in this case, I added brown lentils that work even better, because it makes it super starchy and a plant-based protein powerhouse meal to boot.
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What I ate today plant based pregnancy

What I ate today plant-based pregnancy is just a low down on my regular meals these past weeks. Even though it varies day to day, I try to stick to the basics which are plant-based protein, lots of veggies, fats and low GI carbs in every meal. I am craving fruit, smoothies and chopped salads with this pregnancy whereas with my first pregnancy I was craving salty treats like there was no tomorrow.