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Rooibos blueberry waffles

Rooibos blueberry waffles are the perfect brunch treat or even Mothersday alternative. Since it's French mothers day tomorrow (and husband has some chance to redeem himself lol), these waffles are the perfect treat for someone special. Or even if you're not celebrating something special, and need a batch of pretty good waffles, then these will fix you right up. They are plant-based, tasty and so fruity! 

Rooibos rosewater donuts

Rooibos rosewater donuts are the donut recipe you have been looking for. It hits the sweet spot and it's pretty healthy to boot. The two flavors together are amazing and make these donuts perfect for a brunch alternative too. I made a rooibos syrup a couple weeks ago, thanks to a friend of mine. I added this to the donuts and it just worked so well.