Coconut potato curry

Coconut potato curry is one of those easy dinners that has it all. It's quick flavorful and packed with nutrients. After a pretty busy weekend of indulgence,  this is the way how I get in my greens, it's a certified one-pot wonder!
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Vegan potato salad

Vegan potato salad is the creamy nut-free, dairy-free, and oil-free alternative you've been looking for to make your braai or BBQ the bee's knees! Potato salad is probably one of the must-make recipes when hosting or attending a braai. Usually, it's full of egg, oil, and all kind of other "non" vegan things to eat, and yep reaching for that bland bowl of salad leaves for the second time is anything but appetizing. Well, now you've got something to bring and eat, that you know is all good!

Roasted potato tacos

Roasted potato tacos are my ultimate right now. Confession, I haven't made taco's very often, but after watching a chef shows on Netflix I thought, well, they seem pretty easy to make. Stuffing some taco's with all kinds of delicious things I love is my kinda meal and I can see why they are so popular and you will too.

Caesar baked potato wedges

Caesar baked potato wedges are a scrumptious way to satisfy those carbs cravings without a lot of effort. If you love potatoes and are using them daily these days then this recipe is for you. Super easy, crispy, and drenched in Ceasar salad dressing...