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Blueberry maize meal pancakes

Blueberry maize meal pancakes are a super delish way to start the day and they are particularly perfect for pancake day that falls on pancake Sunday. Spring is around the corner and these pancakes give me all the feels with a SA twist in the mix. I never really used maize meal in many recipes except for making porridge or as a side dish to a braai, but this add into these fluffy pancakes are absolutely genius. Maize meal a.k.a cornmeal is corse, fluffy when cooked and ad's that sturdy factor to a recipe.
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Semolina Hotcakes roasted honey balsamic strawberries

Semolina Hotcakes roasted honey balsamic strawberries is certainly a twist on the old faithful pancake stack for Sundays. I spotted some strawberries at the farmers market and I can't say no to fresh produce, my fridge and husband can vouch for that. I made two recipes this past week, strawberry match slices and these unforgettable semolina hotcakes with honey balsamic roasted strawberries.