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Hot chocolate croissant french toast bake

Hot chocolate croissant french toast bake, let's be honest here, there is just simply no competition when it comes to croissants...they are flakey, buttery and uber delicious bakes in a "hot chocolate" custard. This hot chocolate croissant french toast bake is undeniably the must make brunch dish you've been looking for.
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Vegan Chocolate cruffins

Vegan chocolate cruffins is a MUST make recipe, if your advent baker then this recipe is for you. The proof certainly is in the crispy, crumbly pudding. I love pastries and boy they might not be the healthiest of food, but they certainly are worth every calorie, and making your own batch is even more rewarding!
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Vegan pain au Chocolat

Vegan pain au Chocolat is nothing to be joking about the durable labor of making pastries will surely be worth the wait early in the morning, especially when they are chocolate filled and hot out of the oven accompanied by a cup of Jo. This is one thing that is not scarce this time of the year and that is baked goods. Cookies, cakes, sweets, and freshly baked pretzels are what awaits me when I go into town, and by this stage of the pregnancy and life, I am so keen to indulge.