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My Plant based pregnancy

My plant-based pregnancy has been such a journey and has proven that this way of eating works for me. yes, there have been hard times, just like any other pregnancy, but in this second pregnancy, I have felt a significant change and shift in how I felt as a whole.
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Vegetable packed tomato basil soup

Vegetable packed tomato basil soup is a super quick way of getting in all your vegetables in one nutritious bowl. This weekend was excruciating cold like can't feel my toes kind of cold and flu seeping through your cold kind of cold. My husband was away for work this past weekend and our fireplace was on the frits, I was not a happy mama this weekend. Apart from the cold, I had a pretty eventful weekend avec my little man. It's hard keeping these little ones busy in this cold, I tell you! I'm just thinking I am so glad we left Norway before it got really cold! 

Immune boosting green soup

Immune boosting green soup is a super tasty nutritional boost that you've just been looking for. If your down in the dumps with a cold and the festive season is right around the corner, this soup will certainly set you straight! It's filled with spinach, pea, coconut milk and nutritional yeast, all the good goodies. You'll be ready to celebrate in no time! 
Wenda Nel

The Wenda Nel Sensation

The Wenda Nel Sensation- top SA Athlete tells us a bit more about her life behind the screens. Traveling, food, training, and nutrition wise. What inspires her and keeps her motivated. Since I have last spoken with Wenda she has reached even bigger heights and it is obvious that she Proudly South African.