My Baby Room Necessities

My Baby Room Necessities- Where to get what is just a starter to what you'll need once the precious one arrives. Here is a view of how we decorated our son's room, his hospital bag, my hospital essentials and much more...

Favorite Lifestyle shoots

My Favorite Lifestyle shoots is a combination of all the shoots that I have done in France thus far. Photography has really become a passion of mine and I love to capture the "non-posing" kind of photos where real life happens. All can look pretty and perfect in a photo and maybe just maybe when you aren't looking the most beautiful photo is taken.
Rikus Lubbe

Die kuns om 'n Frenchie te wees

Die kuns om 'n Frenchie te wees is 'n duidelike indikasie dat enige kultuur wel maklik aanpasbaar kan wees by jou eie doen en late afhangend van hoe aanpasbaar jy is...en ook natuurlik hoeveel jy toelaat! Rikus het 'n goeie kombinasie gevind van beide kulture wat op die oueinde van die dag sy lewe akkomideer.
Stylish Mommy

Effortlessly Stylish Mommy

Effortlessly Stylish Mommy is what we all as mothers want at the end of the day, no fuss clothing and style that suits your body and personality. How do you create that "perfect" look without looking too much like the mom part? Catch some tips here!

Noël-Season for Thanks

Noël-Season for thanks. Another year has passed and looking back I still can't believe all that has happened. All I can say is that I can and will be thankful this Christmas for all my blessings.
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Style Turned Up

Style Turned Up or turned up a notch or two thanks to the two talented entrepreneurs behind Turn Up Clothing situated in Stellenbosch. Now you can find locally manufactured items according to your dress size, taste, and budget. So easy!

France in winter Bloom

France is in bloom! The cold air greeted my sunburnt skin and I was surprised to see that Montpellier is in Bloom. Baby, it is still cold outside, but pink flowers are decorating the pale gray sky. It's such a beautiful sight for sore eyes!

DIY Makeup bag

DIY Makeup Bag- I absolutely love this, just because it is something that I always wanted to buy. Finding a travel size bag that is easy to pack and fold away in your carry-on bag is quite a struggle! Now you can make one in just a few steps

DIY Blanket scarf

DIY Blanket Scarfs all wrapped up in a cozy dish for your loved ones, or just a quick DIY project that you'd like to make for yourself!
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The Sweet Lifestyle

The Sweet Lifestyle- This is my second visiting Chez Nicolette and man I just love the vibe. There is something about this lady, that just makes you want to be her best friend. She is a family loving, no pretenses, honestly interested...