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Ratatouille tart

Ratatouille tart is the perfect ending to summer. The fresh tomatoes are in abundance right now and it's so hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. I totally love tomatoes and I have made a few versions of a tomato tart, but this version is very french inspired. Ratatouille is a typical french dish that is found as a side to various dishes. 

French Countryside Barbecue

French Countryside barbecue is just a way of jazzing up your entertaining skills for the Sunday barbecue. Castres summer has indeed arrived a bit late and now when the summer sales are in full bloom we tend to soak up the sunshine. Barbecue is part of our South African Culture and something to be proud of. The traditions around barbeque are something that can't be done without over the weekends. I guess we have more in common with the Frenchies than I thought. Come and get a few ideas and recipes on how to host and decorate the ultimate French barbecue.
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Easy risotto chez Comme a la maison

Comme a la Maison gave me the nostalgic taste of home. Chef Damien's fresh menu is made out of local bio products that give the traditional french way of cooking a run for its money. Come and watch the video and learn how to prepare your very own Chorizo risotto, fresh vegetables, and butternut chutney!