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Roasted Blueberry brioche donuts

Roasted Blueberry brioche donuts are simply what vegan donut heaven was made for..National donut day is on our doorstep once again, and this time around I came prepared. Donuts are somewhat of a dark horse to me, you can either go all-in, deep-fried sugar covered the works, or play it safe by opting for a baked "healthier" donut instead, but let's be honest here, fried donuts are a must, even if it's just once a year...

Rooibos rosewater donuts

Rooibos rosewater donuts are the donut recipe you have been looking for. It hits the sweet spot and it's pretty healthy to boot. The two flavors together are amazing and make these donuts perfect for a brunch alternative too. I made a rooibos syrup a couple weeks ago, thanks to a friend of mine. I added this to the donuts and it just worked so well.
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Banana bread donuts

Banana bread donuts are the equivalent to my match made in heaven. It's a gooey, moist donut with a peanut butter, strawberry maple glaze and it's seriously too addicting. I have been trying to up my donut game since my last vegan donuts was an epic fail and I was over baking them after my son's birthday.