What have I been up to this week?

What have I been up to this week...One month postnatal and now I am enjoying the little things in life, like taking a proper shower, doing my nails or even having a proper meal. Motherhood has been fully embraced...

My Baby Room Necessities

My Baby Room Necessities- Where to get what is just a starter to what you'll need once the precious one arrives. Here is a view of how we decorated our son's room, his hospital bag, my hospital essentials and much more...

DIY Blanket scarf

DIY Blanket Scarfs all wrapped up in a cozy dish for your loved ones, or just a quick DIY project that you'd like to make for yourself!

DIY Christmas gifts

DIY Christmas Gifts are a bit more effort, yes, but none the less your loved ones will love the sentiment. Buying gifts are easier than actually going that extra mile, but personalizing the gifts according to what your loved ones might love, oh what fun and that is what Christmas is about!