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Espresso french toast

Espresso french toast is the best of both worlds I tell you. Nothing beats a good slice of bread fried to perfection, drenched in cream and maple syrup. It's a slice of heaven with an extra shot of happiness to kick off your day!
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Mocha Banana bread

Mocha banana bread is a combination of three of my favorite things, chocolate, banana, and coffee. This bread is so beautifully fluffy and light. Perfect for breakfast with a thick slab of butter on it with a steaming cup of Joe. Sure to make any blue morning shine brighter!
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Vanilla iced coffee

Vanilla iced coffee is what I crave on a summer's morning. It's a caffeine pick me up, something sweet and uber creamy. It's indulgently my right as a mom, waking up whee hours of the morning, craving something filling and that will give me that ultimate boost when I wake up or as an afternoon pick me up.
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Hazelnut coffee scones

Hazelnut coffee scones are probably the best scones I've ever made and eaten lately. Nowadays I don't get out much especially in France where pastries are the main baked good when you go out for a coffee. Finding a proper baked scone is pretty rare...But this recipe will leave you wanting more, you'll be making it on repeat again and again.
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Gingerbread cranberry tiramisu

Gingerbread cranberry tiramisu is the cherry on top for my festive creation this year. The list got shorter and shorter by the end, but the grand finale was so worth the wait. This tiramisu is spiced with season's finest spice and produce, layered with coffee syrup and topped with a creamy whip for that creme de la creme. This plant-based version will blow your guest's minds and you'll probably want to make it again very very soon.