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Blueberry chocolate chip banana bread

Blueberry chocolate chip banana bread might be the thousand version I've made of one of my all-time go-to baked bread ever. If you love banana bread then this recipe certainly won't disappoint. It's fluffy, sweet with jammy bites of blueberries, I mean just like every slice of banana bread, its heaven!
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Blueberry ripple ice cream

Blueberry ripple ice cream is the perfect tangy and yet addictive way to cool down this summer or if you need a treat then this recipe is for you. It's been crazy busy and hot these past few weeks and a bowl of this ice cream seems to cure all of my worries. It's tangy, smooth, and soothing, everything that I need my ice cream to be these days.

Baked blueberry ginger cheesecake

Baked blueberry ginger cheesecake is one of my ultimate favorite recipes... just because CHEESECAKE firstly and secondly it's is one of my all-time desserts and the blueberry ginger combo is out of this world!

Rosewater berry pie

RosRosewater blueberry pie might be the start of a new love affair... It's the combination of all things comfort, jammy, and heartwarming. I am such a baked dessert kind of gal, and pies are right up my ally especially served with a big scoop of ice cream on top...
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Blueberry lemon poppyseed cake

Blueberry lemon poppyseed cake is such an easy and yummy cake to bake. It's ready n no time and the amazing flavors of lemon and blueberry is so intoxicating. The taste is even better with the hints of lemon zest and, bursts of blueberry and hints of poppy seeds. One of my very favorite summer cake loaves this year and I think I might be addicted to this combo from now on.
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Blueberry lemon crumble

Blueberry lemon crumble, is there anything more decadent. So good, especially served with a generous scoop of whipped coconut cream and ice cream. This is the season of blueberries, and I am loving every second of it. I have been wanting to make a crumble for a while now and I am so happy I did, especially blueberry and lemon. Plus it's vegan, low carb and so so good! I might even have it for breakfast, mind you.
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Blueberry pear crumble

Blueberry pear crumble is a comfy alternative to my usual green smoothie lately. Since spring is nowhere to be seen and Castres is dreary and rainy like usual. I need a pick me up because I just can't take this rain anymore. This blueberry pear crumble is just so yum, because first of all, it has creamy almond butter in, alongside with sweet pear and tangy blueberry. Absolutely yum!