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Blueberry lemon cheesecake

Blueberry lemon cheesecake is such a healthy and delicious surprise. It's creamy with a slight tang of the lemon. This dessert might be the perfect easter cake to make this year!

OIl-Free blueberry muffins

Oil-free blueberry muffins are one of those recipes that is part of my little book of recipes, just because by memory I can whip them up and have a warm batch of muffins ready and waiting when the morning rush begins. They are so scrumptious with juicy bites of blueberries in between moorish bits of banana. Best friends to coffee, nut butter, and basically everything I want for breakfast or as a snack.
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Roasted blueberry scrolls

Roasted blueberry scrolls are every so jammy and gooey. Perfect for a lazy breakfast in bed or an afternoon snack with tea. The roasted blueberries are out of this world and the depth of flavor is much needed with the yeasty buns and tangy blueberry yogurt glaze. Brunch is looking pretty good right now...
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Roasted Blueberry brioche donuts

Roasted Blueberry brioche donuts are simply what vegan donut heaven was made for..National donut day is on our doorstep once again, and this time around I came prepared. Donuts are somewhat of a dark horse to me, you can either go all-in, deep-fried sugar covered the works, or play it safe by opting for a baked "healthier" donut instead, but let's be honest here, fried donuts are a must, even if it's just once a year...
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Rooibos blueberry waffles

Rooibos blueberry waffles are the perfect brunch treat or even Mothersday alternative. Since it's French mothers day tomorrow (and husband has some chance to redeem himself lol), these waffles are the perfect treat for someone special. Or even if you're not celebrating something special, and need a batch of pretty good waffles, then these will fix you right up. They are plant-based, tasty and so fruity! 
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Two ingredient granola tarts

Two ingredient granola tarts are what's on my breakfast table this mothers day. Since I will be celebrating Mothers day with my two boys, these cute little tarts will go down pretty well. If I say so myself. What makes these tarts so special is the fact they are made with just dates and Simply granola's let's get figgy granola.