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Best banana bread ever

Best banana bread ever, yes I said it and there is no going back! I have tried and tested so many vegan banana bread recipes out there and they always come out flatter, dense, and sweeter than anticipated. But in fact the exception to the rule is creating the right balance of ingredients, and here my friends I have found the banana bread recipe I love best!

Coffee glazed donuts

Coffee glazed donuts are the perfect weekend pick me up, coffee and dessert on the go are what I am talking about. Something about caffeinated desserts that just makes me happy, and for any coffee lover I would say the same!
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Blueberry chocolate chip banana bread

Blueberry chocolate chip banana bread might be the thousand version I've made of one of my all-time go-to baked bread ever. If you love banana bread then this recipe certainly won't disappoint. It's fluffy, sweet with jammy bites of blueberries, I mean just like every slice of banana bread, its heaven!
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Mocha Banana bread

Mocha banana bread is a combination of three of my favorite things, chocolate, banana, and coffee. This bread is so beautifully fluffy and light. Perfect for breakfast with a thick slab of butter on it with a steaming cup of Joe. Sure to make any blue morning shine brighter!

Cinnamon banana oat pancakes

Cinnamon banana oat pancakes are so ridiculously easy and so deliciously good. I don't know anyone who doesn't love pancakes and since we've been in lockdown I've started to love them even more. I mean, every morning was brunch for us and pancakes were on rotation. No complaints at all when we made a batch of these! 
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Coconut crusted banana french toast

Coconut crusted banana french toast is everything I want for breakfast right now. It's crispy and so utterly delicious with a hint of banana bread flavor. It really is the perfect best friend for your weekend of any day breakfast situation. I mean french toast just has to make the day better, right? Don't know about you, but I need all of the good breakfast vibes I can get.
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Almond chai spiced cheesecake

Almond chai-spiced cheesecake is uber creamy and so necessary this weekend. it's hard to believe that November is near the end and that Christmas is only a couple weeks away. The one thing I love about winter is the fact that there is so much to do around the coldest months of the year, and one of these days, we'll be welcoming a new member in our lives. Which leaves me with a couple of months of creating recipes, before my whole world gets turned upsidedown once again. (in a very good way of course) This little girl is making me feel all the pink vibes I tell you, and also all of the sweet cravings that comes along with it. This cake was the perfect fix me up!
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Coffee banana crumb cake

Coffee banana crumb cake is a delish snack for those sweet tooth afternoons. What's best about this cake is the fact that this cake is banana bread's good looking cousin and all of those crumbs add's just the perfect tantalizing taste that you need for a late afternoon pick me up.
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Gingerbread spiced french toast

Gingerbread spiced french toast is my absolute favorite way of eating bread these days. I have to confess, looking at my website recipes, I know now that I am for sure a sweet tooth and I am not ashamed to say it. All within boundaries, of course, I like to start my day the right way, the sweet way that is and this french toast is just the way to go!

Chocolate fudge cake

Chocolate fudge cake recipe is here just in time for the weekend. Feels like I have missed summer this year. The mornings are cool and the last heatstroke has passed. I see notes of Autumn around the corner with bursting orange pumpkins to be seen. Still I want to stay here a bit longer, but such is life right every season brings new treasures.