Almond lover granola

Almond lover granola is another batch of deliciousness to start your morning with. I love granola, to snack on, to top on to smoothies and add on to oats for some extra crunch. This batch of granola is particularly good because it has minimal ingredients and tastes delicious. It will be your new favorite way to start the day or something just to snack on all day long...
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Almond chai spiced cheesecake

Almond chai-spiced cheesecake is uber creamy and so necessary this weekend. it's hard to believe that November is near the end and that Christmas is only a couple weeks away. The one thing I love about winter is the fact that there is so much to do around the coldest months of the year, and one of these days, we'll be welcoming a new member in our lives. Which leaves me with a couple of months of creating recipes, before my whole world gets turned upsidedown once again. (in a very good way of course) This little girl is making me feel all the pink vibes I tell you, and also all of the sweet cravings that comes along with it. This cake was the perfect fix me up! 

Tomato chili jam Cauliflower steaks

Tomato chili jam cauliflower steaks are the equivalent of a super easy meal looking anything but easy to make. It's classy, tasty and the main secret is it only took thirty minutes to make. For anyone who needs some brownie points, this is the meal to make! Just add some vino, and you're ready to go.
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Semolina Hotcakes roasted honey balsamic strawberries

Semolina Hotcakes roasted honey balsamic strawberries is certainly a twist on the old faithful pancake stack for Sundays. I spotted some strawberries at the farmers market and I can't say no to fresh produce, my fridge and husband can vouch for that. I made two recipes this past week, strawberry match slices and these unforgettable semolina hotcakes with honey balsamic roasted strawberries.