Stylish times two


Stylish times two

Stylish times two, is basically about being a mom, dressing the part and still looking stylish and feeling comfortable.

Entrepreneur, Stylist, wife and mother. These are some of the words that describe Minnette to the world, but there are numerous more to captivate her enchanting spirit, like inspiring, daring, passionate and wise.
I recently had coffee with her at her stylish home in Bloemfontein. Her talents are so easily noticeable around her house and in the way she is with her daughter, Hazel. To her being a stay at home mom has a value with no price tag and yet this ambitious lady finds ways to make both of her worlds collide. I dare ask, but is it possible to do it all? Well, for Minnette, I would say, it’s a task that is accepted and gracefully completed.

“It’s actually all a big blur looking back! Trial and error, I am content with the mommy me now. I couldn’t be happier in my own skin and being a mom is the most rewarding beautiful gift God could have ever given me. She is my whole heart. The old me and the new me have met. (halfway I guess!)”

Why did you become an Image Consultant?
I realized the magic of making the best with your physical features. I gave myself a makeover, by getting out of tracksuits, blow-drying my hair (not just tying it up), doing the basic makeup, and as I started transforming into a more groomed, well-styled lady. I realized that I was receiving more respect in general. People would pay more attention to you regarding shop service or advice. One lady told me, “You grew into a beautiful swan, Minnette” and I knew then, that it all came down to that decision I made to be more presentable. I wanted to help other women feel the same, by teaching them how to look their best. It improves your confidence and your whole approach to this earthly life!

How have you grown as a person and as a business owner since you have started your business? 

Owning my own business has taught me to prioritise. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Spend time on things that matter and that create income. Many entrepreneurs are so busy with STUFF that don’t matter, and in actual fact only waste time. They think they’re very busy…… but are those efforts directed purposefully? Running a business has also improved the way I deal with people – people skills, small talk, listening, understanding many different types of people from different walks of life and why they act the way they do. It will be an invaluable asset for the rest of my life.

Tell us a bit more about the woman behind the business: What are your dislikes & likes and what can’t you live without? 

I like everything visual! I initially thought I only like clothes and putting outfits together, but as life went on, I noticed it comes down to design – Interior decorating, dressing my husband, baby, wrapping a gift, setting a table – everything that is pleasant to the eye.
I dislike arrogance.

Can’t live without bronzer!

You have recently become a mother, how has this affected your style? 

Quite a crossroad after having baby Hazel! I loved dressing neatly and elegantly, often heels. Wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, it involved playing with her, sitting on the ground, food spills , etc. I felt like I was saying goodbye to the person I was before I was a mom. I couldn’t figure out who the new me wants to be – I’m not young and single anymore, I’m not an auntie (I don’t want to look like one) I still love trends and fashion, it was very overwhelming and even emotional. I had to discover a whole new me. It took quite a few months to deal with this transition phase. I spoke to a few of my friends about how I felt, they encouraged me to embrace my style as a mom, rather than separate being a stylist and a mom. It’s actually all a big blur looking back! Trial and error, I am content with the mommy me now. I couldn’t be happier in my own skin and being a mom is the most rewarding beautiful gift God could have ever given me. She is my whole heart. The old me and the new me have met. (halfway I guess!)


What advice would you give new mothers, who want to get back their bodies and change their style? 

Don’t be too hard on yourself! In order to find a style that suits your new lifestyle, you’ll have to experiment! It’s easy to get stuck in a rut – same style clothes, always a pony , etc. Think outside your box. Regarding your body, keep active by going for walks, and keep your fridge stocked with healthy snacks – carrot and hummus, soups, fruit , etc.

What advice can you give to people who are keen to live a more healthy lifestyle? 

Eat for your health and your weight will settle. Cut out everything processed! Eat from the soil – carrots, potatoes, fruits, all things natural. I’m not a strict vegetarian, but follow a mainly plant based diet. I’m happy to eat non-processed, hormone free meat per occasion.
All in moderation. I eat lots of carbs which many people always find surprising. Healthy carbs – stone ground flour bread, brown rice, organic whole wheat pasta, couscous, banana…. Mary-Ann Shearer helped me to achieve a healthy relationship with food … 
What is your top 10 style items that you think every woman needs?
1. Sneakers
2. 1 good parka or puffer jacket
3. Lots of solid colours to mix and match easily
4. Bronzer
5. Get your brows tattooed
6. Get a manageable hairstyle
7. Lovely summer dresses – pair with flops for a stylish easy-going look
8. Lots of white clothes
9. Go-to flip flops
10.Cool lounge wear
Here is a easy recipe that Minnette often opt as her go to meal:

Basil pesto pasta

1. Boil penne pasta
2. Roast rosa tomatoes in balsamic vinegar in the oven.
3. Mash avocado and add lots basil pesto
4. Stir together all ingredients and add olives, top with parmesan and black pepper.
For more info about Minnette please check out her blog and Facebook page: What I’m up to
Hope that you have gotten your inspiration for the day, I surely have! Until next week*
Have a wonderful weekend!

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