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Style Turned Up

Style Turned Up

Style has been turned up an notch thanks to the two talented entrepreneurs behind Turn Up Clothing situated in Stellenbosch. Now you can find locally manufactured items according to your dress size, taste, and budget. So easy!

Meet the two talented ladies Lizé Landman and Simone Harris behind the newly successful brand, Turn-up clothing. With they’re local South African designs they have overtaken all style lovers expectations and wardrobes. I just had to know more about how, where and what’s next…




“Self-Worth is the true beauty. We want to remind women that the way they dress is an expression of their inner beauty and confidence.”

What is Turn-up clothing about and what gave you the inspiration to start this business? 

Turn Up Clothing is a locally designed and manufactured clothing label, therefore making it a proudly South African brand. This longtime dream started in the little town of Stellenbosch in the heart of the Winelands, South Africa.

Our journey started off by only being an online store, but now three months later we have permanent pop up shops in the Love Warrior store in Stellenbosch as well as the Feature Store in Cavendish square, Claremont. We are also doing the Kamers vol Geskenke show later this year in Stellenbosch.

Our label aims to produce trendy, stylish, good quality garments at an affordable price, allowing all women to dress fashionably.

The meaning of “Turn Up” is – To be found. Our inspiration for Turn Up was to be able to empower every woman and to make them realize that the clothes they wear won’t change the world, but the women who wear them will. Self-Worth is the true beauty. We want to remind women that the way they dress is an expression of their inner beauty and confidence. Everyone contains a unique beauty and you are worthy to feel that way, why not dress that way?


You are two best friends running the company, how do you make that work? 

Well, being best friends for 9 years now has taught us a lot about each other. Knowing each other’s weaknesses and strengths and being there for the joys and sorrows throughout life, has certainly helped us have a better understanding of one another.

We both studied Quantity Surveying for 4 years and we believe that this degree helped enabled us to be more business orientated and equipped us to work together.

We try to be as professional as possible when it comes to business, but with that said can you imagine how fun it is knowing that you can work with your best friend all day, every day. Building a business and living out our passions has been one of life’s greatest joys. Sure, there are difficult times with building a brand new business, but who better to fight the good fight with than the soldier who knows you best and always has your back.



Where do your designs come from? 

We have always had a love for fashion and beautiful clothes. From a young age,  we had such passion for this industry. Our inspiration for the designs purely comes from what we would love to wear, what makes us feel comfortable and beautiful.

Any advice that you would give for new up and coming entrepreneurs? 

Firstly, we would encourage every person to do what he or she loves. Your job takes up most of your time, why not spend that time doing something you love?

No dream is ever impossible to reach and with hard work and a passion for what you do, you can achieve anything. Don’t let the voices of the crowd demotivate you, we also had such spectators, but YOU must run YOUR race and keep your focus on that.

Our husbands have supported us tremendously throughout this journey and having their support has meant the world to us, so having the support of your loved ones is certainly a contributing factor to reaching your goal.



How inspiring are these two ladies…Wowam really blown away. 

The time is now to check out their Website and Facebook. Shopping for beautiful clothing has been made super easy with this gorgeous brand and you can feel at ease knowing that your style needs have been taken care off by the best.

(click on the links for more) 

Turn up website

Turn up Facebook page 

Have a super weekend and let me know what you think about this feature post!

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