Magical Santorini

Santorini sunset

Magical Santorini

Magical Santorini, oh my goodness one of my most favorite destinations yet! Not only did I have the opportunity to spend my every needed Honeymoon there but I got to experience all that the Mediterranean sun had to offer. We traveled a bit more after that…read more here!


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”- Helen Keller

So I am back home, after almost two whole months of traveling…
sigh. My fingers have been itching to write about all that I have seen and done and now finally I have the time and energy to do so. 34°C has never felt so good, I can feel my toes again after the ever so cold SA winter.
So firstly I have been to Santorini with my husband for our ever delayed yet much-needed honeymoon. How I dreamed of the day to see this beautiful country. Never have I ever thought that I would get the chance. We took a sunset boat cruise, walked on the active volcano, saw the incredible black beach and took on hiking towards the red beach. The endless blue waters and the addictive frappuccinos could not get me away, but sadly I had to say goodbye to the enchanting Santorini sunset and greeted the not so sunny South Africa with a smile on my face.
What is better than coming home?! Even if you go from boiling hot to icy cold weather. I jumped right into the festivities with the also famous Wildskos festival. I ate exotic meats and drank oh so good proudly South African wine. I also went on a very enjoyable safari experience at Kumbula safaris in Boshoff. After the city rush, I relaxed in the freezing Freestate at my parents home. I cozily wrapped myself under layers of blankets and ate “krummelpap”.
After many red cappuccino catch ups , biltong(dried meats) and barbecues it was time to get back home. Three weeks went by in a flash. I had so much fun with a few shoots, met new and interesting people. Like the awesome couple of  Eye poetry photography that took new shots of me for my blog. I left SA with a full tummy and warm heart.
I air-bussed with my parents back to my home and I could not wait to show them where I have been living for the past two years. We arrived on my birthday with swollen eyes and hungry tummies but was surely embraced by the Mediterranean heat. My birthday was celebrated in good old summer fashion(at the beach of course). We clinked to our good fortune and the traveling days to come.
Let the traveling commence! Within three days we have seen Sault, Gordes, Nice, and Monaco. After a few days of rest, we trained to my sister in Geneva.
In the scorching heat we walked alongside the lake with dripping Starbucks frappes (I can’t get enough of the stuff, okay!)I got to meet a new member of the family, while my mother got to play dress up(she couldn’t get enough).
IMG_0038We took a weekend break in the beautiful Swiss alps in a small village called, Grindelwald. The scenery is just gorgeous and so well preserved. The endless blue lake waters are like a mirror of the untouched beauty of nature. It was unexpected and also hard to forget.
IMG_0259IMG_0260This vacation has been beyond my expectations. Many miles traveled and walked. Cultures experienced and the food tasted. Thousands of photos taken of things that can not be explained until seen for themselves. So many things to be thankful for. Family, love and a home to come back to. No one can take away your memories or the time that you have spent making them. Life is the biggest adventure after all.
Take a look at what I got up to this June/July vacation. 

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