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Hello May

Hello May

Hello May is about my tips for all the new mommy’s out there are, who feels like they need a checklist for traveling with a baby, here you go

Hello May…

IMG_1390April month has come and gone so fast and now May is at our doorstep. I love summer fruit and the sunshine taking over the array of my blurry life at this stage.  We’ve been to Paris twice within two weeks and recently to Spain for a quick weekend away. a “Break” feels more like hard work due to less sleep and lack of planning. Let me tell you, I’ve breastfed at the most awkward places like on the hop on hop off bus in Paris, Angelia’s fancy breakfast spot, various bathrooms, the garden next to the Notre dame and many many more… all sense of shame kind of fly’s out the door when there is a hungry screaming baby in your arms.

Yes, I feel like some days I’ve lost the plot. Even though I am not working per say I am a full-time wife, mom, and cleaner. Then there are nights where dinner has to be put on the table alongside bathing little one and having a quick shower before I pass out around nine in the evening. I have roughly one hour to “relax” and do a few of my favorite things.

IMG_1386So my tips for all the new mommy’s out there are, who feels like they need a checklist for traveling with a baby, here you go:

Travel light- This means having a pram that is light and that easily folds up like the babyzen yoyo. This pram is such a lifesaver and we’ve used it so much to travel with. It folds up and you can carry it around like a handbag.

Book an Airbnb apartment with a few rooms available, not a hotel room- this was our latest mistake, one weekend away in Spain and we were cooped up in a hotel room for most of the time. No way hose!

Find out if there is a bath- if you are into the whole sleeping routine, then finding out what you’re in for is key to let sleep time be as peaceful as possible, especially since you’ll be the one waking up at night.

Travel with Milk snob breastfeeding cloth- this has changed the breastfeeding game. No more awkward muslin folding techniques and a few flashing slip here and there.

IMG_1369What are the sleeping arrangements? Our baby slept in his YoYo pram with loads of blankets which was not too shabby, but I felt bad hearing him roll around. Know if there is a cot that he/she can sleep in to ensure a restful night or just travel with a camper cot if that suits you better. That is on my to buy list for our next traveling expedition!

Take a carrier- the Baby Bjorn has saved time and my mind a couple of times. I forgot to take the carrier with for our second trip to Paris and it was a disaster. Note to those who want to go to Versailles- not pram or baby friendly within the castle and even outside, make sure to have your carrier handy.

Pump- The Medela pump is a lifesaver for travel on the go and even just to have a breather. My son feeds for about 2- 2/30 hours so that does not leave a lot of room to go and do something a bit longer than an hour at a time. Even getting back in shape has been a bit harder due to this fact. So I just make sure there is a bottle handy for daddy duty.

Pack a portable nappy changing sheet- lifesaver especially when there are no baby facilities available. Like this one from My Moumout

Pack some snacks- as you might know, breastfeeding makes you hungry. Therefore I always travel with a few snacks like apples, nuts, and a few homemade energy balls.

Wear comfy shoes- this one is so obvious, but none the less I have to put this on my list of travel necessities.

IMG_1383Tie up the hair- keep a brush, hairpins, and hairbands handy. This just makes the whole act of motherhood a whole lot more convenient.

Pack enough clothes and nappies for the little one. There might be a store nearby where you can buy extra nappies, but just pack everything just to be sure.

Best tip- enjoy a little and have a glass of wine! (responsibly of course). You deserve it!

I have to say that I spend my first mother’s day quite in a glum mood and today I am kind of really embarrassed. Just because it’s such a precious gift to be given. You get to spend so much time forming this little human and them forming you. You get to practice your organizing skills and being selfless, even though you don’t have a clean shirt in the house. So you don’t have anything to wear and your figure is not quite there yet. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I tend to wonder some days who am I, but it’s all part of the process of figuring out yourself as a mom and where the old you fits in. In between all the un-ironed washing, dirty dishes and copious amounts of baby clothes, you’ll find yourself once again, or so I hope(for myself). We all can use a bit less self-focus every now and again, it might even be the best thing that has happened to you.



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