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Geneva with a scoop of Black Ice cream

Geneva with a scoop of Black ice cream

Geneva with a scoop of black ice cream. Visiting Geneva the second time around has led to pretty tasty food trends like black ice cream and also pretty peculiar things that I have learned about the culture of this city. Learn how to make black ice cream for yourself and the know hows on where to go when you’re in this Cosmopolitan city.

I have had a wonderful time visiting my sis in Geneva, Switzerland and am currently wishing for some more sunny weather with my belated tan fading as every day goes by. It was hot, busy and lined with tourists trying to soak up the clean air that the ever so blue lake had to offer. We were so brave to drive all the way from Castres to Geneva and unfortunately along with a few other vacation travelers. Note to self: don’t travel on a Saturday right in peak summer vacation time.

In France, traffic is known to go from green to red to black over this time of year. Everyone is so eager to dip their toes into the pebble stone beaches of the south. Once you’re in black traffic, boy then you have a problem. The six and a half hour drive was prolonged to eight hours…which equaled unhappy baby and an exhausted mama.

We made a stop in Grenoble where a friend of mine just arrived from SA. She was just so gloriously happy with her three boys with their newly bought furniture from IKEA (that still had to be ensemble). I forgot what that stage of life was like. New and exciting, new country, no speech or driving skills for a while until you get a hang of things. Utterly disastrous, but oh so blissfully exciting!


DSC_0234We arrived around six in the afternoon. I was glad to offer up my house duties for that week, even though I know that my sis has an even heavier load to bear than I. Cleaning the house, ironing and doing the washing is notably prolonged due to two children. I admire her. She is a mother of a two-year-old and a four-month-old and she seems to be having it all together. She is a very good cook, expert cleaner, and a very patient mother. I’m a mother of a five-month-old and some days I’m barely coping with my above average baby. That’s what the pediatrician said about him yesterday. Gosh, I’m gonna have my hands full with this little one! Is it true the more you have to do the more you just seem to get done? Or are some moms just made for this stuff?


So Geneva is quite an interesting town. Filled with glitz and glamor with the price tag to prove it. Everything is provocatively placed in the window sills of the stores of march the streets with six-inch heels. Everything seems to work and I genuinely felt safe there. I can understand the reason why so many tend to thrift their lives towards this lifestyle, but I tend to wonder what is the catch? I have rarely seen so many pregnant women in one city that’s for sure! We went for lunch twice, coffee at Starbucks and even had our very first date night that ended with some pretty good gelato. It was a week well spent and my cup was running over. Life can get pretty lonely and it was so nice to see my sis once again.

DSC_0291DSC_0301It has been a while since the vegan trend has hit the shelves and for most common vegans there are a few staples that have been in their cupboard for some time. My sister and her family have been eating mostly vegan for over a year now. Her little two years old certainly approve and with bread in hand and a couple scoops of hummus, she is a happy camper. Black ice cream has been a popular item on the food trend list and my sister proposed to make some black ice cream after we had some delicious grilled veg pizzas that she prepared. Since one of her friends has a health store she was able to find quite a hefty bag for the product when only we needed a couple of teaspoons of this stuff.

DSC_0303What did it taste you may ask?
Grainy as you might think with the sweetened taste of the soy whip. Some food crazes are a bit bizarre, but I tend to like this one! I can certainly feel this activated charcoal doing its magic. The health benefits are worth every sandy grainy bite! I even got a couple scoops to take home with me and I’ve been experimenting myself with a couple scoops of my Chia pudding, smoothies, and nice cream.


What are the benefits of Activated Charcoal?
Where can you get it?
Where did we go in Geneva?
Lunch spots: Globus, Paradiso
Dinner spot: Indabar

Best Gelato: Manu gelati
Tanning spots: Geneva Plage

Where to go in Geneva? 

Must haves for travel with a baby:

Our camper cot: BabyBjörn

Feeding utensils: Beaba

See more on my Instagram on what we ate and where we went, Link is below!

I was home alone this week and looking forward to seeing my husband again!

Hope you have a great weekend*



Prep Time
Cook Time


4-6 people

Black ice cream a.k.a Activated Charcoal ice cream



  • 80ml soy milk
  • 80g sugar
  • 2x Soy whipping cream
  • 300ml milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla paste
  • 5 scoops of activated charcoal


  1. Bring to boil the sugar and the almond milk until sugar is dissolved.
  2. Remove from heat and scoop out the soy whip into a bowl and add the milk mixture.
  3. Add the vanilla paste and the scoops of activated charcoal.
  4. Pour into a parchment paper lined tin and freeze.
  5. Swish through the ice cream every 30 minutes to make sure it turns out as ice cream.
  6. Alternative ingredients:  Almond milk, whipped Coconut cream instead of soy whip, add golden edible sprinkles for galaxy ice cream.

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