Enchanted by the city of love


Enchanted by the city of love

Being enchanted by the city of love is something to be easily come by, especially since when you have the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful historical places in the world.

South African living in France. The privilege exceeds all the difficulties. Simple things like communicating correctly, asking for directions, taking the subway or just buying a simple loaf of French bread.
Getting used to the “normal” here can be a challenge, but with an easy-going mindset things will certainly pan out.
We all have our stories to tell and Aletia’s story makes it even more compelling to want to live in the city of love, with the two loves of your life.

It is hard work raising a baby by yourself in a Foreign country without your family’s help, but it is one of the biggest privileges to be able to be a stay at home mom and looking after our baby boy.

I moved to Paris in February 2015, just after my husband and I got married. I quickly learned that here you have to do almost everything yourself. Luckily I had a lot of help and advice from the other South African wives living in Paris. They were very kind and invited me everywhere which made the move to France a lot easier than I expected.

Neither I or any of the other South African ladies living in Paris has a working visa, so we quickly joined the rest of the married couples in having a baby. It is hard work raising a baby by yourself in a Foreign country without your family’s help, but it is one of the biggest privileges to be able to be a stay at home mom and looking after our baby boy. I am surrounded by a lot of young mothers which really helped because they could advise me on what medicine I should bring from South Africa and which doctors to go to etc.


My favorite part of living in Paris is the fact that there is always something to do or something to see and traveling from Paris is really easy. It is a safe country and I really enjoy going to the parks that are so clean and pretty to walk in.

I would advise any new mom living in a foreign country to surround yourself with other young moms who can relate to your situation. When your baby hasn’t slept for well over 3 days or so and is cranky or sick, it always helpful to know your not the only mom that is going through a tuff time.



The secret to getting back your body after giving birth is to have a healthy lifestyle before you fall pregnant, so you can commence your fitness after you get pregnant. You cannot start a new exercise after you fall pregnant. I am used to running and going to the gym so I continued that until a week before I gave birth.
Four weeks after I gave birth I went to see my gynecologist and he gave me the thumbs up to start training again and because I only stopped for four weeks it was really easy to start again. The only reason to stop exercising while you are pregnant is when you have a high-risk pregnancy or if your doctor advice you not to do so. Then I would recommend cutting sugar out of your diet.

My go to items that I cannot live without is a lot less now than when I initially moved to France because you learn to find substitutes for the South African products that you thought you can’t live without. I just still buy some baby medicine in South Africa that I cannot seem to find in France and medicine is not something you like to change after you found something that works really well.

We have adapted some french food habits to our lifestyle. We love getting some baguettes and cold meat to eat. I still enjoy South African food more, but French pastries are the best!

Sounds good?? Well then let’s go there asap!
Planning a visit to Paris? Check out these things to do and places to visit. Certainly worth it!!
Prive de Dessert: French pastries with a twist!
Blue Bike tours:  See the hidden Historical parts of Paris by Bike.
La dureé: The place to be to taste the famous french Macaroons!
Angelina’s: For the best brunch and hot chocolate,  go to this restaurant. Be sure to book!! It’s very popular!
Have a super weekend!!

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