Effortlessly Stylish Mommy

Stylish Mommy

Effortlessly Stylish Mommy

Effortlessly Stylish Mommy is what we all as mothers want at the end of the day, no fuss clothing and style that suits your body and personality. How do you create that “perfect” look without looking too much like the mom part? Catch some tips here!

Staying true to who you are as an person whilst caring for the dearest close to you can be somewhat of a circus act.
Basic pieces, quality products, comfort and having an eye for what suits you is what this stylish mommy lives by. She always looks so effortlessly perfect and somehow it all just seems so easy.
I dropped by for a quick visit while she was preparing lunch for the little man and in between him munching on his pancakes I tried to capture mom and son in action.
Stylish Mommy

He’s made me more selfless, taught me patience beyond measure and showed me how to enjoy the little things in life again. Watching him discover this world for the first time is a true joy.

1. How has your life and style changed since becoming a mom?
Life has completely changed, but definitely in the best way possible. Days go faster, they’re a lot busier now with an 11-month-old, a lot more washing with this grubby eater of mine but Life is so much richer and I wouldn’t change a thing.
As soon as I gave birth my style or go to clothes changed a lot as I was now focused on putting on clothes that I could easily breastfeed in. Exercise clothes were at an all time high even though exercising itself was at an all time low. Comfort and practically became key. A lot of oversized tops and a lot fewer dresses.



2. What do love most about being a mom?
Becoming Pauliasi’s mom is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I know in my heart that this is my greatest purpose for this season of life. Pauliasi has given me so much purpose and drives that I longed for whilst living in France with my husband. He’s made me more selfless, taught me patience beyond measure and showed me how to enjoy the little things in life again. Watching him discover this world for the first time is a true joy.


_MG_57953. What are your key items that you can’t live without?
First up my baby bag. It has everything I need in there from day to day for both Pauliasi and I (which is probably why it’s so heavy). Wipes, nappies, spare clothes, toys, snack and more snacks. You name it, it will be in there. I love it as it doubles as my handbag as well.
Secondly, I love sunglasses. They are the perfect accessory for any outfit and also beneficial for us mamas to cover our tired eyes some mornings!
Lastly, a perfect pair of black jeans is a must for me. I live in black jeans, they are my go to every day unless I’m hanging around the house or feeling lazy then it’s back to active wear. It’s much easier chasing after Pauliasi or crawling on the floor with him in tights!

4. Favorite brands for yourself and Pauliasi?
My go-to brands for Pauliasi are Bonds, Zara, Cotton on and H&M. I love buying Pauliasi’s clothes, but I’m very aware that he is growing at such a rapid rate that most clothes don’t fit him for very long! So I try not to spend too much money on his clothes which are a reason why I love these brands, as they have great clothes that won’t break the bank. I like to dress him up a size in tops and jumpers, I like the look of it on him but I find he gets to wear them for longer too.
Some other brands I like for him are Seed Heritage, Petit Bateau, Jax and Hedley, Mabo kids, Beau Hudson, Sapling and Tiny Cottons.


_MG_5672My go to brands are COS, American Vintage, and Zara. I love the simplicity of Cos and American Vintage, they have a good color palette too. I like Zara for their ever changing styles and range, they update their stock almost every week with new clothes and they are super affordable in France.

5. What tips would you give for an effortless minimalistic style?
Less is more. Try looking at the finer details of a piece that can turn something simple into a statement.


6. What rules do you have when you go shopping for clothes?
My husband’s rule, don’t spend too much money! Other than that I like most pieces I buy to be very versatile, easily able to dress it up or down.
Comfort is key, basic pieces and remembering that watching your child grow is the real joy in life, even when you’re in sweats or your favorite pair of black jeans…

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